Qoola: Yogurt + Fruit

Qoola Signage

While walking in Greenbelt 1, I came across my St. Scho friend, Isa, and recommended me to try Qoola since she knows that I blog about food. I had a taste of her Green Tea yogurt ice cream from Qoola so I rushed my way to taste this newest yogurt ice cream sensation.

Self Service Counter at Qoola

Qoola is a Canadian company and they just opened their branch here in Makati last January. In Qoola, you will get to choose the flavor of yogurt ice cream and even the toppings. They have 4 flavors in their self-service counter: Original, Raspberry, Green Tea and White Chocolate Macadamia.

Qoola Yogurt Ice Cream

I chose Green Tea because I love Green Tea while Karla chose White Chocolate Macadamia. Afterwards, we headed to the toppings counter. They have a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, chocolates, nuts and even gummy bears. They also have syrups which you can pour onto your yogurt ice cream. The flavors of the syrup are caramel, maple, honey and chocolate. I chose to top my Green Tea Yogurt Ice Cream with Granola, Strawberries and Sweet Barley. Karla chose Mangoes, Crushed Grahams and Rice Krispies as her toppings for her White Chocolate Macadamia Yogurt.

Smoothies at Qoola

Aside from yogurt ice cream, they also have smoothies which are also self-served.

Toppings at Qoola

After choosing the toppings, we headed to the counter so that the crew can weigh and give us the price of your yogurt ice cream. The price is P 75 per 100 grams. So, it’s better to have less first than be surprised by the amount you’re going to pay. We both had 192 and 175 grams respectively and we paid P 371.25.

Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream at Qoola

My verdict: it’s yummy! This isn’t a cliche but it’s actually good! It tastes like California Berry or Red Mango but definitely not like White Hat. The toppings here are not as adventurous as the ones in White Hat (like the homemade cheesecake which I really, really love!). Qoola offers the usual ice cream toppings. But nevertheless, it’s still good although I can’t stop comparing it with my first love, White Hat. The experience here is different because you choose the combination that you’d like in your yogurt ice cream. You can even combine different flavors of yogurt ice cream in one cup! It’s really up to you. There is much freedom here (not the absolute one because you’ll be surprised when you get to the counter). Their yogurt ice cream doesn’t taste like vanilla ice cream. Their White Chocolate Macadamia tastes a little sweet and is not like some brands that pretend that they sell yogurt ice cream. Also, their Green Tea is not very sour.

Second Floor at Qoola

Qoola is located between Greenbelt 1 and 2 (near National Bookstore). They have free wifi here (I’m blogging live!) but they don’t have outlets here. Better have your laptops fully charged before coming in. The crew here is very friendly and they’ll teach you how to operate the yogurt ice cream machine.

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