Polish Chocolates, Anyone?


I am a simple gal and chocolates can make me happy.

There were 2 leading chocolate brands in Krakow: Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady (Krakow Chocolate Factory) and E. Wedel’s Czekolady. I’ll also show you some that I found while I was wandering around Krakow.

1.Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady

31-009 Kraków, ul. Szewska 7

First on my list was to find the Chocolate Factory. It was my last day in Krakow and felt hopeless that I could’t find the Chocolate Factory then suddenly, while I was wandering the streets at the Main Square, I finally found it! I immediately went inside. I felt like Charlie when he entered Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.




In this place, they create different types of chocolates by hand whether it’s a chocolate bar, pralines, chocolate figurines, etc. I grabbed my basket and chose chocolates that I would like to bring home to Manila. I bought some chocolate bars and some small ones as shown in the photo above.


Price range of their small pieces of chocolates are from PLN 2.50 (PHP 35.00) per piece up to PLN 5.00 (PHP 70.00). Not too pricy in my opinion.  Their Chocolate Bars are priced from PLN 13.00 (PHP 182.00).










Lviv Hot Chocolate (PLN 13.00 approximately PHP 182.00 )

They also have a cafe upstairs. Since it was almost almost 11 am and got tired of walking around the Main Square, I decided to have a taste of their hot chocolate. I ordered Lviv Hot Chocolate (Milk Chocolate with cinnamon, amaretto and clove of garlic) as suggested by the server. I loved it! Chocolate was not too thick and just right.


2. E. Wedel’s Czekolady

Rynek Główny 46
31 – 017 Cracow

Wedel’s is another popular chocolate brand (considered as Polish Cadbury) and can be found in different commercial places in Krakow (also in airports). They’re cheaper than the handcrafted chocolates made by the Chocolate Factory. Their chocolate bars range from PLN 5.99 to 13.00 each (PHP 84.00 – 182.00). Wedel’s have different chocolate bars which have fruity fillings at the centre (i.e. strawberry, mango, etc).  They also have pralines, truffles, etc. For me, I like the ones made by the Chocolate Factory. 






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