Pretty Hand-Crafted Chocolates In Pretty Pink Boxes by Paulene Chocolats Suisses

Pralines by Paulene Chocolats Suisses


Just like wines, chocolates also have a hierarchy and variety of types which you may distinguish from another. There are Belgian, Spanish, Italian, American and many more. Many people say that Swiss Chocolates are the “highest” among all the others in the world. If you’re going to ask my opinion, I like Swiss chocolates more than Belgian chocolates. You may say otherwise, but for me it’s really just a matter of taste.

Truffles by Paulene Chocolats Suisses


A few weeks ago, Paulene Chocolats Suisses invited us to taste their handmade Swiss Chocolates in Cuillere, Serendra. I was particularly excited to taste their white and milk chocolates because I wasn’t a fan of the dark ones. But for this instance, I was able to truly appreciate Swiss dark chocolates because of Paulene’s.

A box of chocolates by Paulene Chocolats Suisses

Box of Chocolates by Paulene’s

Paulene just started last December 2009. Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara, the owner of Paulene, named it as such because Paulene is her second name. I guess that Paulene is a pretty name that looked pretty printed in hot pink chocolate box. Too much pretty, isn’t it?  The chocolates are really pretty to look at. In this instance, looks are not deceiving the eye because they are indeed very delicious.  Katrina, together with her chocolate chef Arnel, makes sure that every handmade chocolate is perfectly done.

Ganache by Paulene Chocolats Suisses - 2


They offer 3 kinds of chocolates: ganache, truffles and pralines.

For the Ganache, they have the Dark, White, Milk, Gianduja, Orange Liquer and Grand Cru. I really liked the White Ganache and the Grand Cru. A box of these (25 pieces) amounts to Php 495 – 575.

For the Truffles, they currently have these flavors: White, Milk, Dark, Orange, Cashew Nut, Coffee, Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Gianduja, Amaretto, Macadamia and Grand Cru. My favorite ones here were the Pistachio, Cashew Nut, Macadamia and and Grand Cru. A box of 12 would be Php 595.

For the Pralines, my most favorite flavors are Earl Grey (this really tastes like tea), Banana and Apple. What I liked in their pralines is that the flavor (for example Earl Grey) is mixed very well as if they’re really created as one. We were able to get a box of these and my mom actually feasted on this alone 😉 .  A box of 12 of these would be Php 595.

These chocolates are not the “low-quality” and commercialized chocolates that we normally see in supermarkets. There is a reason why there is a very big difference in the prices between them. For this instance, chocolate is a luxury which is meant to be experienced in special events occasions and not to be consumed on a regular basis (well, this is my opinion here). I wouldn’t normally would buy that but if someone would give me that (ahem), I would really feel very special.

Paulene’s also cater to the people who may want to customize their pralines as give-aways for special occasions. You may may visit their website at for contact details.

Paulene Chocolats Suisses are available at:

The Blue Kitchen
Basement Powerplant Mall
Rockwell, Makati

Brasserie Cuillere
Serendra Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

The Blue Kitchen
6th Level Shangri-la Mall

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