Ilocos’s Royal Bibingka

The first and last time I went to Ilocos ( that was 2 or 3 years ago), I came across this Ilocos delicacy called Royal Bibingka. Of course, as a first time tourist I am up to the challenge of tasting the specialties of a particular location.

“Bibingka” is rice cake in English. The Royal Bibingka is not your usual kind of bibingka. It’s not puffy like Ferino’s, it’s actually sticky. This delicacy reminds me of gummy bears or better yet, tikoy 😉 .

abcd0018.JPGThe one that I have here is from Marsha’s Delicacies. According to Torn’s blog, Tongson’s was the first royal bibingka maker in Ilocos then the Sister’s came. Marsha’s was just a late bloomer but is vastly becoming one of the visitors’ and Ilocanos’ favorites as well.

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