How To Enjoy Gelatos in Different Ways at Caffe Ti Amo

Caffe Ti Amo

Caffe Ti Amo is the newest gelateria (gelato + cafeteria) that arrived here in the Philippines. The brand came from Korea and is partly owned by Jollibee Foods Corp. We were recently invited to grace its opening a few weeks ago. Their very first store is at the ground floor of SM Annex and will soon be opening at the Fort.

Caffe Ti Amo Gelatos

Caffe Ti Amo does not only serve gelatos in cups but they have different ways to serve it. Let me show you how you can enjoy Caffe Ti Amo gelatos below.

Gelatos in Cups at Caffe Ti Amo

Coffee, Cookies and Creme and Chocolate Gelatos in Cups

Affogatto at Caffe Ti Amo

Affogatto @ Php 159

Affogatto is a popular Italian dessert wherein gelato drowned in espresso. This dessert also has vanilla, tiramisu and almonds for extra flavor and texture. This is one of my favorite desserts in Caffe Ti Amo. The combination of the hot espresso and cold gelato gives a tingling sensation in your palate. πŸ™‚

Honey Bread at Caffe Ti Amo

Honey Bread @ Php 199

Never thought that this could be possible but Caffe Ti Amo serves honey bread topped with gelatos. You can choose any flavor of gelato you’d like in your honey bread but it’s suggested that you have yogurt and vanilla. Another plus factor for this dessert are the sprinkled cinnamon and blueberries.

Waffle at Caffe Ti Amo

Gelato Waffle at Php 360 (with 2 scoops of gelatos), 1 scoop gelato and 1/2 waffle @ Php 185

Waffles topped with gelatos. There are 3 types of gelato waffles that you can have in Caffe Ti Amo: Chocolate, Green Tea and the regular one. This was one of the desserts that I personally enjoyed. Aside from the gelatos, the waffle is topped with fresh fruits, whipped cream and chocolate or caramel syrup.

Yogurt Mischiatto at Caffe Ti Amo

Yogurt Mischiato @ Php 239

Another way is to have is a-la Mischiatto. The word Mischiato itself means “mixed with ice” so it’s like our Filipino Halo-Halo. In Caffe Ti Amo, there are 3 varieties of mischiato to choose from: Yogurt, Green Tea and Coffee. Their yogurt mischiato is composed of yogurt gelato, fresh fruits and corn flakes drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Coffee Mischiatto at Caffe Ti Amo

Coffee Mischiato @ Php 219

The coffee mischiato on the other hand has coffee gelato, bananas, corn flakes and chocolate cereals drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Green Tea Mischiatto at Caffe Ti Amo

Green Tea Mischiato @ Php 229

Among all the mischiatos, I loved the Green Tea. It has green tea gelato, corn flakes, bananas and chocolate cereals drizzled with caramel syrup.

Happy Spoon at Caffe Ti Amo
It’s nice to eat mischiatos using this happy spoon! πŸ™‚

Caramel Macchiato at Caffe Ti Amo

Caramel Macchiato

Aside from gelatos, Caffe Ti Amo also serves coffee and tea.  The interesting thing about their teas is that they’re not inside the tea bags when they serve it to customers. They have a tea brewing machine (photo below) wherein fresh tea leaves are soaked in hot water on a pitcher-like thing then when it’s ready, just rest it on top of the cup and voila, your tea is ready! This is really amazing and good news, they sell it in their stores for Php 3,000. How I wish it was cheaper, I could have bought one for myself. πŸ™‚

Tea Brewing at Caffe Ti Amo

Tea Brewing Machine @ Php 3000

So far, Caffe Ti Amo has the best tasting gelatos I’ve ever tasted because they’re not very creamy compared to the others I’ve tasted. Another factor that made me like this is because of the different way to enjoy gelatos. It may seem that their other gelato desserts are expensive but they are actually meant for sharing (unless you really want to eat the whole thing).

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