25 years of Dairy Queen’s Blizzard

dairy queen 25th anniversary

April 2010 is the time of the year where Dairy Queen’s Blizzard is celebrating its 25th birthday. Dairy Queen’s treat to us on the 25th birthday of our favorite soft serve ice cream are the 25 flavors of Blizzard. Thanks to Dairy Queen for inviting me to try out those. 🙂

Here are some additional varieties that they came out with:

– Chocolate Oreo
– Strawberry Oreo
– Mocha Oreo

– Strawberry KitKat
– Mocha KitKat

Here are DQ’s new flavors:
– Double Chocolate Truffle
– Caramel Marshmallow
– Double Dutch
– White Truffle
– Ube Macapuno

If you are a fan of Dairy Queen, you should go to the nearest DQ branch and get yourself the Blizzard Frequency Card wherein the card will get stamped for every purchase of any Blizzard. Upon getting four stamps on your card, you’ll immediately get the 25% discount.

Amongst the other new flavors, White Truffle is my personal favorite. Ube Macapuno tastes good as well. 🙂

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