Cupcakes at Max’s Corner Bakery

Cupcake Designs made by others at Max's Corner Bakery

The only food I eat from Max’s Corner Bakery is the Caramel Bars. It’s the family’s favorite dessert at Max’s. I haven’t tried the other sweet treats that they’re offering. Just a few weeks ago, me and Sha were able to sample their cupcakes. We even decorated our own cupcake as part of the activity. 😀

Sha's Cupcake Design at Max's Corner Bakery
The cupcake designed by Sha

The cupcakes from Max’s Corner Bakery are available in six variants and these are: Cream Cheese, Choco Espresso, Choco Caramel, Double Chocolate, Choco Strawberry and Troubador.

My Cupcake Design at Max's Corner Bakery
My Cupcake design

By the way, Max’s Corner Bakery is open for franchise. This means that you do not have to franchise Max’s Restaurant in order to sell their sweet treats.

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