Black Forest Sundae spells Pure Chocolate Bliss

Black Forest Sundae by Jollibee

If you have enjoyed the Rocky Road Brownie Sundae which has been our substitute for our favorite dessert at Friday’s which is the Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, then you would definitely enjoy Black Forest Sundae that spells pure chocolate bliss.

The Black Forest Sundae is an addition to the all-chocolate sundae line-up of Jollibee. The Black Forest Sundae consists of the vanilla soft-serve ice cream we love that is drizzed with dark chocolate and cherry syrups. Chunks of brownies and milk chocolate chips also served as toppings to give you more chocolate bliss. And to give you the feel of eating a black forest cake, a quarter cherry is also added as a topping.

This very sinful dessert will only cost you 35 pesos per order and you can buy it from Jollibee starting tomorrow, September 24, 2008.

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