Award Winning Ensaymada at Kohikan Diamond Hotel

Ensaymada at Diamond Hotel

Ham Ensaymada @ Php 90

After participating on the silent protest against Conass and dimsum dinner at David’s Tea House,  fellow bloggers and I decided to have our dessert at Kohikan. It was actually Jayvee who suggested that we try Kohikan’s award-winning ensaymada.

There are 3 flavors of ensaymada to choose from: plain, ham and ube. According to the waitress, their best seller is the ube ensaymada. I wasn’t really in the mood for ube so I tried their ham ensaymada instead. When the waitress served the ensaymada, I was really surprised on how big it was. It’s as big as 3 typical sized ensaymadas combined! 2 people can actually share this (I shared mine with Karla 🙂 ).

The surprise does not end with the size of it. The moment I had my first bite, I couldn’t help but feel giddy inside. Whenever I have this kind of feeling whenever I taste something new, this is definitely a sign that it will be part of my random food cravings 😉 . The ensaymada was soft and packed unlike other ensaymadas that are just like cotton candies that are filled with air. I was actually searching for the meat but I couldn’t find it. Probably, they used real ham juice to get the taste of ham. I am guessing that they wouldn’t want to mess up the consistency of the batter. I don’t know. But really, I dig this dessert! The best of it all is that there is an abundance of cheese!

Yogurt Lemon at Diamond Hotel

Yogurt Lemon @ Php 195

I paired my ham ensaymada with a drink called Yogurt Lemon. I am a yogurt lover so I can’t help but to order this. I loved how the tanginess of the two main elements (yogurt and lemon) complemented each other. It’s a good marriage between the two 🙂 .

Other sumptuous desserts are being offered at Kohikan. The prices of their cakes range from Php 160-200+. I’ll definitely be back at this place to try their other desserts and of course to taste their coffee.

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Telephone: (632) 528-3000
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