Food Trippings’ and KFC’s Taste of Summer Caption Contest – Part 3

This is the last photo that I have chosen from KFC’s Taste of Summer Photo Contest. 😀 Write a caption about the photo above. Being witty is the key to winning this contest. 😉 This contest will run until May 14.

The chosen winner will be contacted via email and will get a Gift Certificate worth 500 Pesos. 🙂

Please take note that the winners for the photo caption contests for the three photos shall all be unique and different. Thus, you may only win once. 🙂

You may also place captions to the other photos to have more chances of winning 😀
Photo 1
Photo 2

Eligibility: 10 years old and above and a resident of the Philippines

Disclaimer: The photo entry on this blog was chosen by the blogger. All final winners of the KFC
Taste of Summer Contest will be determined by the marketing team and its partnering agency.

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