Tea Place Near My Home: Thousand Teas

It’s been almost a week since I had my surgery and have been dying to get some fresh air outside the comforts of my home. Good thing that I live near the the commercial district of Sta. Mesa. Today is the first time that I went out and I decided to have some tea with Juned and Karla. My favorite tea places are far from my house (meaning, I need to travel more than 15 minutes) and I can only go to places which are very near my house. Serenitea and Kozui are out of the question now so I have an alternative which is located at the Mezza Residences called Thousand Teas. Basically, it’s just like Serenitea but offers lesser varieties of teas.

Thousand Teas is a quaint tea cafe surrounded by schools, hospitals and residential area (UERM Hospital, SM City Sta. Mesa and Central Colleges of the Philippines). This is a much better and healthier alternative to the nearby Starbucks. Another good thing is that there’s also free Wi-fi here. You can choose your tea in different forms: iced, hot, with milk, slush and with yoghurt. They also have coffee here but I guess you wouldn’t want to order that in a tea place :D.Some of their hot teas are: Assam Red Tea, Green Teas (Oolong Green Tea, Genmaicha, Mint Green Tea, Sencha), Oolong Black Tea, Blooming Tea. For their milk teas, they have Assam, Thai, White Chocolate and more.

I am a fan of milk teas so I decided to order Strawberry Milk Tea with no toppings and light sugar. I really liked it, the taste of strawberry is evident and there are a few strands of real strawberry. Karla on the other hand ordered the Taro Milk Tea with custard pudding and no sugar. Of course, the curious me tasted her Taro Milk Tea and I liked it as well. If you will ask me which is better, Serenitea or Thousand Teas, I like Serenitea more but I am satisfied with Thousand Teas.

So when you’re around my neighborhood, why not visit Thousand Teas for a quick tea fix? Calling Aileen Apolo and Andrew Dela Serna of Teacompletely.com! 🙂

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