Gourmet Coffee For Me

Coffee is one of the universal things that is common among every culture. If I’m not mistaken, every country has their own coffee bean produce and almost everyone is very much familiar with its aroma. It’s very familiar but yet peculiar in a way, even its aroma could already perk you up even though you’re not a coffee drinker.

I am a tea lover, but at the same time I’m also a coffee lover. Many people say that this characteristic could not exist in one person but apparently, I love them equally. šŸ™‚ I got tired of drinking the usual instant coffee and it came to the point that instant coffee can’t perk me up anymore. Brewed coffees are the ones that can perk up my senses. My most favorite is making gourmet coffee, adding something exciting to my ordinary brewed coffee.

Probably you’re wondering how an ordinary coffee can become a gourmet coffee, well, basically it’s just coffee plus other additives or flavors which can enhance the coffee. When you go to coffee shops, you usually see different syrups such as Hazelnut, Vanilla and many more. You can add a different kick on your ordinary cup of cappuccino by doing this (or would this be weird? hahaha).

Other ways of describing a gourmet coffee, would not only mean adding flavors on it, others would say that the complexity of producing certain coffees can be considered gourmet. You can probably think of it like wines; gourmet coffee can be considered high quality coffees.

Many people say that too much coffee is bad for our health. I would definitely oppose to that because coffee is already proven to have health benefits so whether you have one or two cups coffee can help you lessen the risk of having diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. Hmm, all this coffee talk makes me want to have a cup of coffee now. šŸ™‚

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