Peace and Happiness Dumpling House

Xiao Long Bao at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Xiao Long Bao @ PHP 95 (8 pieces)

A stressful week deserves a treat indeed! Mei, my officemate, told me about a newly opened Chinese restaurant in their condo called Peace and Happiness Dumpling House. She told me that it wasn’t the common Chinese restaurants seen in the malls (like North Park, Gloria Maris, etc…) so  I giddily probed more because this is my type of restaurant. This somewhat reminded me of Yen Yen, Mien San and Dong Bei.

Peace and Happiness Dumpling House is a small restaurant which has just recently opened (about 2 weeks ago) and serves North Eastern Chinese dishes. We went there on a Friday night and only have more than an hour left to order. We wanted to taste everything but of course, the four of us can only eat as much.

Kuchay dumplings at Peace and Happiness Dumpling House

Kutchay (Chives) Dumplings @ PHP 99 (12 pieces)

When I saw in the menu that they have Xiao Long Bao and Kutchay Dumplings, I immediately imposed that we order this because these are my 2 of favorite dumplings in the world! Their dumplings are home made. I noticed that the wrapper is quite thick, but it’s ok. As you know, my point of comparison are Dong Bei for Kutchay Dumplings and Crystal Jade for Xiao Long Bao. Peace and Happiness’ are ok. This is already a good alternative for me when I am craving for these kinds of food when I am in Makati.

Beef Tenderloin at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Braised Beef in Soy Sauce @ PHP 180

Braised Beef in Soy Sauce is good too because it’s well marinated and very tender. It doesn’t leave that “dry” feeling in your tongue.

Beef Noodle at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Special Beef Noodle @ PHP 128

Beijing-style noodle at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Beijing Style Noodle @ PHP 128

We also tried their noodles because I love them. The Special Beef Noodle is just a simple type of soup which can already satisfy a hungry stomach. A bowl of this can already be shared by 2 – 3 people.  On the other hand, the Beijing Style Noodle is dry and you’d have to mix the cucumbers, beansprouts, celery and salty paste which tastes like shrimp paste. The noodles that they use are thick and a bit chewy.

Searing hotpot at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Searing Hot Pot @ PHP 15 – 20 per stick

We became very curious on the Searing Hot Pot. The waiter warned us that its very, very spicy but still we are game. Initially we thought that this was like the usual Shabu-Shabu type wherein we will have to cook this on our own however it only arrived to our table as what you’ve seen in the photo above. So the process is that, the sticks (i.e. vegetable ball, shrimp ball, etc.) are dipped into a very spicy searing hot pot until they’re cooked. Because it’s very spicy, we suggest that you order Mantou bread to neutralize your tastebuds.

Mantou at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Mantou Bread @PHP18 per piece

Nai Cha at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Nai Cha @ PHP 65

According to the waiter, in a span of 2 weeks, their customers increased. Only people who live in Cityland and working around its area knew about this restaurant. Hopefully, you could try it too. I will recommend it, especially for people like me who dig this kind of food and do not have the time to go to Binondo. It’s a temporary fix :D. The prices are very cheap, ranging from 50 – 200 pesos per dish. They are open from 10 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Sundays. They also deliver  around the Makati area with no minimum requirement.

Peace and Happiness Dumpling House

Unit G-8 Cityland Makati Executive Tower III,Makati City
218 3665
0915 3741974

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