2015 Bacolod Foodtripping: Rau Ram Cafe

Buon Thit Nuong at Rau Ram Cafe
Buon Thit Nuong @ PHP 159.00

First restaurant and lunch in Bacolod was at Rau Ram Cafe. Tita Kate said that this used to be called Saigon Cafe and they had a small location (just opposite the now bigger Rau Ram Cafe). The restaurant is tucked inside a residential area near The Ruins in Bata, a popular tourist destination. There are no signs going there so you’d have to rely on Google Maps or the locals / tricycle drivers near PepsiCo. Continue reading “2015 Bacolod Foodtripping: Rau Ram Cafe”

Porky Heaven at Bún Chả Nem Cua Be Đắc Kim

Bun Cha

Bún Chả is one of the most popular Hanoi street food that one should not miss. There are lots of them in every street corner however a friend recommended us to go have Bún Chả in Hang Manh. The lady in our hotel also said that this is the best place to get Bún Chả.

What is Bún Chả? Bún means white rice noodles while Chả means grilled pork. So basically, it’s grilled barbequed pork patties with white rice noodles and herbs with vinaigrette (fish sauce, vinegar, sliced papaya, chili and lime.) The vinaigrette is a little bit sweet. Bun Cha is also paired with Nem Cua Be (spring rolls). Their spring rolls are made of crab meat, pork, egg white, noodles, mushrooms and carrots. Continue reading “Porky Heaven at Bún Chả Nem Cua Be Đắc Kim”

Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #1: Bona’s Chao Long

Chao Long at Bona's Chao Long

Beef Stew with Noodles @ Php 45

You will most likely wonder why you should try out Chao Long (Vietnamese dish) when you’re is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. In addition, you will also think why there are a lot of eateries in Puerto Princesa that are offering Chao Long. History tells us that there were Vietnamese who became refugees here in the Philippines. This was the main reason why there are a lot of eateries offering Chao Long. 🙂 Continue reading “Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #1: Bona’s Chao Long”

Crustasia by Red Crab

At Crustasia Buffet 5

Crustasia is just one of the Red Crab restaurants. If you’re craving for seafood, most especially crabs, you may want to try Crustasia’s buffet if you’re in Shangri-la Mall. Crustasia’s buffet selections are complete. It includes appetizers, the main course and the dessert where you’ll get to enjoy delicacies from China, Thailand and Vietnam. Continue reading “Crustasia by Red Crab”

Pho Hoa at Greenbelt 1


If you’re working within Legaspi Village, Makati City and you’d just like to have something Asian and a bit different, try Pho Hoa at Greenbelt 1. And if you decided to have lunch/dinner there and it’s rainy at the same time, I would suggest for you to order a bowl of Beef Brisket and Flank Pho which consists of tendon, meat balls, beef brisket, and flank. Continue reading “Pho Hoa at Greenbelt 1”