Robinson’s Galleria – The Veranda Food Tripping Part 2

Outside Delicious Kitchen

Here’s the part two of our Robsinson’s Galleria The Veranda Food Tripping. This time, you’ll be reading about Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well and 8 Spices. Delicious Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant while 8 Spices is a Thai restaurant. Continue reading “Robinson’s Galleria – The Veranda Food Tripping Part 2”

Crustasia by Red Crab

At Crustasia Buffet 5

Crustasia is just one of the Red Crab restaurants. If you’re craving for seafood, most especially crabs, you may want to try Crustasia’s buffet if you’re in Shangri-la Mall. Crustasia’s buffet selections are complete. It includes appetizers, the main course and the dessert where you’ll get to enjoy delicacies from China, Thailand and Vietnam. Continue reading “Crustasia by Red Crab”