Savor 22 Prime’s Cochinillo Asado

Cochinillo Asado at 22 Prime - 4
Cochinillo Asado

22 Prime at Discovery Suites is known for their steaks. The Cochinillo Asado, as an addition to their menu, is a welcoming change. Thanks to Discovery Suites for inviting me to try this out.

The Cochinillo Asado is a suckling pig dish that is slowly roasted. The result of this is that the skin of the pork is crispy but the meat is juicy and tender. 22 Prime’s Cochinillo Asado is served with spring asparagus, and garlic-roasted potatoes. The sauce for the Cochinillo Asado is their home-made peach chutney. Be sure to taste it first without the peach chutney. The peach chutney adds contrast to the tasty Cochinillo Asado. Continue reading “Savor 22 Prime’s Cochinillo Asado”

Experience Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado

Inside Ilustrado
Inside Ilustrado

Ilustrado is a Filipino/Spanish restaurant located in the heart of Intramuros. I went there for the launching of the Malolos Heritage Cuisine, which they are currently offering and it will run until June 30, 2012 only. The Malolos Heritage Cuisine offering is an outcome of the partnership of Ilustrado with Dez Bautista, an artist, historian and culinary expert from Malolos, Bulacan. Dez Bautista belongs to the well-known Bautista clan who owns the Bautista ancestral house in Malolos. Continue reading “Experience Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado”

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe

Chicken Lasagna
Chicken and Spinach Lasagna, PhP 125 per order

We tried Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe at Perea St. in Makati. Upon entering the restaurant, it is like you’re in a whole new environment, from urban to country-style and homey one. Looking at the menu, Mom and Tina’s has a lot of items to choose from. 🙂 Continue reading “Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe”

The difference between Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut Bistro

Paella at Pizza Hut Bistro

Prior to dining at Pizza Hut Bistro, I was already intrigued by how’s the menu offering different from the regular Pizza Hut. Upon entering the restaurant at Gateway, I was impressed with the ambiance. The restaurant has a set of mood lights and much larger tables covered with cloth. On top of a table is a vase with an anthurium which made me think of funerals. Continue reading “The difference between Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut Bistro”