Curious About the Rotating Barbeque at Toki Q

Outside Toki-Q

We like trying something unique so we agreed to the invitation of Toki Q to try their menu. Toki Q is a little barbeque place located in P.Guevarra corner Wilson Street in San Juan which uses a new technology called “rotating barbeque”. Yes, we got intrigued to this kind of technology, hence our curiosity led us to their turf. San Juan restaurants are comfort food for me and Toki Q has been added to my favorite comfort food places in San Juan. Continue reading “Curious About the Rotating Barbeque at Toki Q”

Sariwon Korean Barbeque

Outside Sariwon Korean Barbecue

Most of the Korean restaurants here in Manila are usually set up by Koreans who decided to stay in the country permanently. However, it is seldom that a Korean restaurant chain is brought here, unless it is a cafe for sale. Sariwon Korean Barbeque, I believe, is the first Korean restaurant  has just recently opened its first branch in Metro Manila. It is at the heart of the posh dining district near the Bonifacio High Street. Thus, I guess you can already gauge how much this would cost if you dine here :D. Well, Sariwon is considered fine dining in Korea. Continue reading “Sariwon Korean Barbeque”

Oh Hi, Hai Chix and Steaks

Hainanese Chicken Rice at Haichix and Steaks
Hainanese Chicken Rice @ PHP 220

Some say that the chicken rice from Hai Chix & Steaks is to die for so when a group site had this, we bought it immediately. The voucher say didn’t say where its exact location was in Ortigas Home Depot so we had to call them. Suddenly, we realized that it was located at the old Obsidian Bar, which was previously owned by our friend. Karla and I chuckled because the place changed from being a simple open-aired bar filled where independent and mainstream local bands performed to an upscale restaurant which serves eastern and western cuisine.  Continue reading “Oh Hi, Hai Chix and Steaks”

Battle Cough and Colds by Drinking Oishi Smart C +

Ever since December, we have been experiencing the not so usual cold weather that we Filipinos are used to. With this, a lot of people are getting cough and colds. Before the year ended, I already have the sniffles and had it for a week. I only went to the doctor after a week. Incidentally, Foodtrippings was asked to do a paid review of Oishi Smart C +, a juice drink high in Vitamin C. I needed a lot of Vitamin C, enough to prevent my colds from becoming worse. I think I was one of the people who spreaded the virus in the office – half of our employees are now coughing and sneezing. Oh yes, we have a cough symphony every now and then at the office. 😉

I’ve already heard of Oishi Smart C + but it’s only now that I’ve tasted it. For every 500 ml bottle of Smart C you consume, it already gives you 500 mg of Vitamin C (320% according to the label). That’s already enough to keep you on the go, especially those who have an active lifestyle. With my busy work schedule – doing Human Resources, blogging, going to gigs or concerts, spending time with loved ones, having a good dose of vitamin C will keep me on the go. I’d rather drink Smart C + than take tablets and capsules of Vitamin C being sold in drugstores. Continue reading “Battle Cough and Colds by Drinking Oishi Smart C +”

Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)

Tower Lounge - 3

As mentioned in other blog post related to One Tagaytay Place, we were two of the bloggers who were invited to experience staying in One Tagaytay Place recently. We’ve already featured the Mongolian Buffet and Afternoon High Tea in Azalea here in Foodtrippings. So aside from Azalea, One Tagaytay Place also has a resto-bar at the 4th floor, which is the Tower Lounge. The Tower Lounge has a very different ambiance compared to Azalea. The Tower Lounge is a place to chill out, listen to soothing acoustic music and eat delicious and tender steaks. The resto-bar is open to the public, even though you are not a checked-in guest in One Tagaytay Place. Continue reading “Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)”

Foodtripping in Maginhawa QC #1: The Burger Project

The Burger Project

While we were cruising around Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village looking for the Korean restaurant that was recommended by another blogger, Nina’s friend called her and told her to try this newest burger joint in the area, The Burger Project. Since we really can’t find the Korean restaurant (because it wasn’t in Maginhawa Street, it was in Malingap), we decided to try The Burger Project out since we’re already hungry. Again, we’re with the foodtripping gang: Juned and Nina.

It’s a new place, just opened last month. They don’t have an actual menu yet. Basically the customer will create their own burger however they feel like having. We were asked to fill out the form with prices so that we already estimate how much you will be paying before the cashier rings it up. The best thing of all is that you can name your burger and when you come back, you can just tell the cashier the name of your burger. I named my burger the  Foodtrippings Burger while Karla named hers as Burgerella. Continue reading “Foodtripping in Maginhawa QC #1: The Burger Project”

I Shall Not Take Mien San For Granted Anymore

Kutchay Dumplings in Mien SanKutchay (Chives) Dumplings @ Php 68

Sometimes in life, we take for granted common things because we’re just used to seeing them often. Gilmore Street was a common route that we pass by whenever we go to Greenhills. Mien San was just a small restaurant then at the middle of a road which doesn’t have that much restaurants around back in the 90’s.  And now, the restaurant had already expanded and noticed that the place was always packed. I have always been curious about Mien San even before I started a food blog but I never exerted effort to drop by and try their place. Thanks to Yen Yen, their newest competitor around the area, I had the eagerness to actually visit the place and try dishes.

I was there last week with my mom and tried the specialties of the house. I didn’t blog about it first because I wanted to go there for the second time to try other dishes. The week after that, I dragged my friend Juned and co-foodtrippings writer Karla to try out Mien San and we’ve concluded that Mien San is our new favorite restaurant. Continue reading “I Shall Not Take Mien San For Granted Anymore”

Pica-Pica Treats at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Pork Barbeque at Obsidian Bar and Grill

There’s a new bar and grill that recently opened in Ortigas Home Depot called Obsidian Bar and Grill. Aside from being a drinking venue and a place to watch local bands perform, they also boast their delicious pica-pica treats for everyone. Well, they weren’t wrong.

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of ours from Obsidian invited us to have a glimpse of their pica-picas before they formally open. We feasted on the dishes that are the must-orders when you come to their bar to watch great bands perform.

What I liked about their menu is that it’s simple and had all the pica-picas that must be ordered when you’re in a bar. Nothing really complicated. You might think that it’s just appetizers, they also have dishes that can be paired with rice. Well, we’re Filipinos and very flexible on what we want to pair with rice 😉 . Continue reading “Pica-Pica Treats at Obsidian Bar and Grill”

Meal Delivery Service in the Philippines

Here in the Philippines, having a personal chef delivery service is not that popular yet, but in the US, it’s very common. Probably because we Filipinos have a notion that having a meal delivery service would compromise the health and nutrition of our family. Actually, most of the these home delivery meal services offer organic options that are not available in the local market. These kinds of services are for people who do not have time to cook for themselves or for their family and wanted to have a balanced full meal. Some of them would even offer meals that are included in a specific kinds of diet such as the South Beach Diet, High Protein and many others. This is a good way for you to eat healthy dishes even though you  are very busy. All you have to do is to just call and tell them what you want.

I know that some gyms collaborate with personal chefs because they can target the “fitness” buffs who frequent to the gym. To those who have tried this, can you tell me how was it? I wish  I can try this some time, the question is are they expensive and is the food delicious?

Brothers Burger Launches Their Wagyu Burger

Brothers Burger is celebrating its 10th year anniversary of providing the best and quality burgers in town. This is a reason to celebrate and make a mark in the burger business here in the Philippines by launching its Wagyu Burger. Wagyu is the considered the most tender among all kinds of beefs because the cattle adopt a different feeding and breeding techniques (from Japan). Brothers Burger supplier of Wagyu Beef is Snake River Farms from the United States. Continue reading “Brothers Burger Launches Their Wagyu Burger”