Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance

Chicken Mast Kebab at Kebab Factory
Chicken Mast Kebab, 250 pesos per order (2 skewers)

As a food blogger, sometimes it’s good to return to a restaurant you’ve reviewed and try out the same dishes all over again just to test if they’re consistent with their cooking. The first time we were in Kebab Factory in 2008, they were still newly opened. The overall experience then was ok, but now there was a bit of an improvement. The difference of then and now is that we were invited through Smart Rewards.

The waiter gave us the liberty to order anything we wanted. We were given Php 2,000 worth of gift certificates to spend so we dragged our friend Juned. We needed another mouth to feed, rather than having only me and Karla to finish everything. The new ones that I haven’t tasted before was the Chicken Mast Kebab, Lamb Lahore Curry, Naan and Baklava. The rest like the Motabal, Beef Kebab, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani and Lassi, I have already tasted them during my first visit. Let me tell you about each of them below: Continue reading “Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance”

Chicken Kebabs with Seasoned Yogurt – Party Food Suggestion


Here’s the second dish we prepared for Christmas eve, Chicken Kebabs with Seasoned Yogurt. Again, I got this recipe from Yummy Magazine, September 2009 issue and I deviated a bit from the original recipe. I marinated the chicken for about 2 hours and added the lemongrass onto the marinade instead of skewing the chicken on the lemongrass stalks. We skewed them on the usual barbeque sticks. I thought that it would be much tastier if the chicken was marinated first before grilling. This is a great party food and can serve 5-10 people (with 2-3 sticks each). Continue reading “Chicken Kebabs with Seasoned Yogurt – Party Food Suggestion”

The Kebab Factory

Hyderabad Biryani at Kebab Factory
Hyderabad Biryani @Php 180

SM Megamall has just recently opened its Atrium and in it are lots of interesting restaurants to choose from and one of which is Kebab Factory. The Atrium is their first restaurant and will probably open other branches in the near future. At that time, they were still in their soft opening so the restaurant looks pretty simple. The place does not look like Persian at all unlike the other Persian restaurants we’ve been to like Mister Kabab, Ziggurat and many others. The common colors are white and yellow and the waitresses/waiters do not look Persian at all (meaning their uniforms 🙂 ).

We ordered 3 dishes: Hyderabad Biryani, Beef Kebab and Motabal with Pita Bread. The Hyderabad Biryani tastes great. I could really taste (and smell) the spices and you could really see the brightness of it. The brass bowl also compliments the Persian feel of it. Continue reading “The Kebab Factory”

Grilled Tomato: Kebabs, Keemas and More

We have been Persian Food enthusiasts so when we saw Grilled Tomato in Tomas Morato, QC, it’s a must that we try it. We ordered the basics of course such as kebabs and keemas. I ordered 2 pieces Beef Kebab with Curry Rice (Php 90) while Karla ordered Beef Keema with Curry Rice (Php 70). The kebabs were really good and I like the rice. We also ordered pita bread (Php 15 each) with hummus (Php 20). Karla though did not like Beef Keema that much because it was too oily. The good thing about Grilled Tomato is that the price is really affordable ranging from Php 55-95 per meal. Isn’t that great? You could also add Php 30 if you want a refillable drink with their kebab,tikka and korma meals. Continue reading “Grilled Tomato: Kebabs, Keemas and More”

Persia Grill


( Hummus with Pita Bread)

Persia Grill is a small restaurant located in Valero Carpark,  Valero St. Makati ( it’s right at the back of Paseo Center). Obviously from the name of the restaurant itself they serve Persian dishes however it’s somewhat “Filipinized”. I’ve heard about this place since the owner of this restaurant is actually Kian from Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. It was a graduation gift for him after college. We were around the area that’s why we decided to eat at this restaurant. Continue reading “Persia Grill”

Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine


“Ziggurat” is derived from the Assyrian term ziqquratu which means ‘high’. The word Ziggurat actually means temple ( like the ones in the Mesopotamian times).

This restaurant is located in Sunette Tower, Durban St. cor Makati Ave in Makati ( it’s actually near P. Burgos St). They’re open 24 hours by the way so if you’re craving for some authentic kebabs at the middle of the night, this is the place to go. We actually went there at 3 am, after having a round of drinks in Greenbelt 2.

The place is actually cozy and simple. It’s a bit small so it’s better to call for reservation if you’re more than 5 people. They have an open area and an enclosed area. You could also have some hookah there. Continue reading “Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine”

Mr. Kabab

I’ve been hearing raves about this restaurant from most of my friends and finally I was able to dine there just a few days ago with my St. Scho friends. Mr. Kabab is now located in West Ave. QC, before they were located in Quezon Ave. ( but near West Ave, just moved a few blocks away). They’re much bigger now because whenever I pass by their old location it’s much smaller. Continue reading “Mr. Kabab”

Sofreh: Persian Fusion Cuisine

As Karla and I were walking towards the exit gate in the Greenhills Shopping Center, we encountered a Persian restaurant called Sofreh. Well I actually craved for something salty so we decided to have grab some bite before retiring the evening ( well actually it’s already past midnight 😉 ). We ordered a beef shawarma, the most basic thing in Persian cuisine just to satisfy my craving. Well, guess what, it was the best shawarma we’ve ever tasted in this side of Metro Manila. Continue reading “Sofreh: Persian Fusion Cuisine”