The Kebab Factory

Hyderabad Biryani at Kebab Factory
Hyderabad Biryani @Php 180

SM Megamall has just recently opened its Atrium and in it are lots of interesting restaurants to choose from and one of which is Kebab Factory. The Atrium is their first restaurant and will probably open other branches in the near future. At that time, they were still in their soft opening so the restaurant looks pretty simple. The place does not look like Persian at all unlike the other Persian restaurants we’ve been to like Mister Kabab, Ziggurat and many others. The common colors are white and yellow and the waitresses/waiters do not look Persian at all (meaning their uniforms 🙂 ).

We ordered 3 dishes: Hyderabad Biryani, Beef Kebab and Motabal with Pita Bread. The Hyderabad Biryani tastes great. I could really taste (and smell) the spices and you could really see the brightness of it. The brass bowl also compliments the Persian feel of it. Continue reading “The Kebab Factory”

Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine


“Ziggurat” is derived from the Assyrian term ziqquratu which means ‘high’. The word Ziggurat actually means temple ( like the ones in the Mesopotamian times).

This restaurant is located in Sunette Tower, Durban St. cor Makati Ave in Makati ( it’s actually near P. Burgos St). They’re open 24 hours by the way so if you’re craving for some authentic kebabs at the middle of the night, this is the place to go. We actually went there at 3 am, after having a round of drinks in Greenbelt 2.

The place is actually cozy and simple. It’s a bit small so it’s better to call for reservation if you’re more than 5 people. They have an open area and an enclosed area. You could also have some hookah there. Continue reading “Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine”