Oh Hi, Hai Chix and Steaks

Hainanese Chicken Rice at Haichix and Steaks
Hainanese Chicken Rice @ PHP 220

Some say that the chicken rice from Hai Chix & Steaks is to die for so when a group site had this, we bought it immediately. The voucher say didn’t say where its exact location was in Ortigas Home Depot so we had to call them. Suddenly, we realized that it was located at the old Obsidian Bar, which was previously owned by our friend. Karla and I chuckled because the place changed from being a simple open-aired bar filled where independent and mainstream local bands performed to an upscale restaurant which serves eastern and western cuisine.  Continue reading “Oh Hi, Hai Chix and Steaks”

The Fanciest Chicken Inasal I’ve Tried is in Cafe Uma

Chicken Inasal at Cafe Uma 1

Cafe Uma’s Boneless Chicken Inasal at PHP 350+ per order

Masskara Festival in Bacolod is a very busy season for all restaurants and hotel owners who are based where the action is. While we were there last October, we went to Lacson Street where the Electric Masskara was happening. The street is closed and each and every restaurant was filled with people. It was already 10 pm and we haven’t eaten our dinner yet so out of desperation, Cafe Uma was the only restaurant without much people so we decided to have dinner there. When we looked at the menu, we already knew why the restaurant wasn’t filled with people, it’s because of their steep prices. I already knew that Cafe Uma has the same owners with Trattoria Uma, an Italian restaurant a few steps away from Cafe Uma. Because we are really so hungry, we didn’t care about the prices anymore. We were assured by the waiter that they their food is good. Continue reading “The Fanciest Chicken Inasal I’ve Tried is in Cafe Uma”

Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)

Tower Lounge - 3

As mentioned in other blog post related to One Tagaytay Place, we were two of the bloggers who were invited to experience staying in One Tagaytay Place recently. We’ve already featured the Mongolian Buffet and Afternoon High Tea in Azalea here in Foodtrippings. So aside from Azalea, One Tagaytay Place also has a resto-bar at the 4th floor, which is the Tower Lounge. The Tower Lounge has a very different ambiance compared to Azalea. The Tower Lounge is a place to chill out, listen to soothing acoustic music and eat delicious and tender steaks. The resto-bar is open to the public, even though you are not a checked-in guest in One Tagaytay Place. Continue reading “Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)”

Albay Food Tour Series #2: Balay Cena Una

Balay Cena Una

When I was in Legazpi, I announced in Facebook that I was there when suddenly, Denden Villanueva, my grade school batchmate in St. Scho Manila  messaged me to visit her restaurant in Daraga. I felt excited about it because it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other. Imagine, we were in prep when we became classmates. I didn’t realize that she’s now managing her family’s restaurant. The restaurant started years ago and was dormant like the Mayon Volcano nearby and just recently opened last May 2009, now with my schoolmate managing it. Continue reading “Albay Food Tour Series #2: Balay Cena Una”

Unit 8 Cafe: Italian Fusion Cuisine By the Bay

Fruity Wonton Salad at Unit 8 Cafe
Fruity Wonton Salad @Php 285

SM Mall of Asia is such a big mall with lots of dining places to choose from. A lot of them are already existing in other establishments but one of its unique restaurants is Unit 8 Cafe located near the bayside of the mall.

Fellow food bloggers and I were invited a few weeks ago to taste the delicious dishes that Unit 8 has to offer. Basically their dishes are a mixture of different international cuisines. So let’s start the foodtrippin’!

The Fruity Wonton salad is very good most especially if you’re health conscious. The wonton is made of cream cheese. It’s served with raspberry vinaigrette on the side. Continue reading “Unit 8 Cafe: Italian Fusion Cuisine By the Bay”

Cafe Juanita: Eclectic Ambiance and Great Food Combined

Inside Cafe Juanita
Inside Cafe Juanita

Many people have recommended me to dine at this restaurant because of its great food and ambiance. There are only a few sources that give information about this restaurant but the common thing they say is that its eclectic ambiance is truly remarkable.

Actually, one wouldn’t realize that it is a restaurant because it’s full of vines and its sign is hidden. Good thing I have sharp eyes and saw that it’s already the place we’ve been looking for 🙂 . Continue reading “Cafe Juanita: Eclectic Ambiance and Great Food Combined”