King Satay at Clarke Quay

Chicken/Beef/Mutton Satay at King Satay
Chicken, Beef and Mutton Satay, 20 SGD

One of the things that I’ve been looking forward to do in Singapore is to eat in Clarke Quay. We really didn’t have anything on mind where to eat. We just explored around Clarke Quay and we’ve found King Satay interesting upon checking their menu. Continue reading “King Satay at Clarke Quay”

Singapore Foodtripping 2: Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Hainanese Chicken at Lau Pa Sat

Hainanese Chicken Rice from Whampoa Nanxiang Chicken Rice (Stall 52) @ SGD 5 – 8 (approximately PHP 150 – 200)

Lau Pa Sat Festival Market is the oldest  food court Singapore built in 1894 and I believe this has the biggest number of food stalls you can choose from. The variety is very diverse, it’s quite hard to choose what to eat! Of course there are Singaporean, Malaysian and Indian stalls there but there are also Filipino (Oh yes, there’s Tapa King there), Chinese and Italian.

Food courts or Hawker Centers are very popular in Singapore but Lau Pa Sat is the must-visit food court when you go to Singapore. Expect to spend only SGD 2.00 – 10.00 per meal and per person when you dine in Lau Pa Sat. Drinks cost less than SGD 3.00. Continue reading “Singapore Foodtripping 2: Lau Pa Sat Festival Market”

Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance

Chicken Mast Kebab at Kebab Factory
Chicken Mast Kebab, 250 pesos per order (2 skewers)

As a food blogger, sometimes it’s good to return to a restaurant you’ve reviewed and try out the same dishes all over again just to test if they’re consistent with their cooking. The first time we were in Kebab Factory in 2008, they were still newly opened. The overall experience then was ok, but now there was a bit of an improvement. The difference of then and now is that we were invited through Smart Rewards.

The waiter gave us the liberty to order anything we wanted. We were given Php 2,000 worth of gift certificates to spend so we dragged our friend Juned. We needed another mouth to feed, rather than having only me and Karla to finish everything. The new ones that I haven’t tasted before was the Chicken Mast Kebab, Lamb Lahore Curry, Naan and Baklava. The rest like the Motabal, Beef Kebab, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani and Lassi, I have already tasted them during my first visit. Let me tell you about each of them below: Continue reading “Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance”

Discovering the Legend of India

Inside Legend of India - 3
Inside Legend of India

Mainstream Indian Restaurants are not that common here in the Philippines even though there are a lot of Indians living here in the country or probably I am only living in my own world and never really bothered to find my way to try “uncommon” Indian restaurants. I guess there is only one name that prevails in the Mainstream Indian cuisine, which I won’t bother to mention in this blog post :).

Just a few weeks ago, we got an invitation to try out this newest Indian restaurant in Jupiter Street, Makati. It’s not all the time that Karla and I get to experience Indian cuisine so we immediately agreed to the invitation of the owner of Legend of India, Rakesh Alwani. Continue reading “Discovering the Legend of India”

New Bombay Restaurant

Chicken Masala and Chapatti at New Bombay

(Chicken Tikka Masala @ Php170 (?) and Chapatti @ Php 25 each)

I would always pass by this restaurant and would be curious on how the food tastes like. We tried New Bombay Restaurant in Glorietta 3 Makati and found ourselves fans of this cuisine. The very first time we ate at New Bombay was in their foodcourt stall at Food Choices Glorietta. We ate the chicken kebab and chicken curry there. Now we chose a different dish and actually tried to dine at the restaurant itself with the creatively designed interiors; there might be a different experience. Yes, it is different dining there than in the food court. We only ordered 1 dish which is Chicken Tikka Masala and 2 cups of plain jasmine rice. The waitress said that the Chicken Tikka Masala is their best seller so that’s what we ordered. Besides, we wanted something with sauce so that we could dip our chappatis on it. Continue reading “New Bombay Restaurant”

Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine


“Ziggurat” is derived from the Assyrian term ziqquratu which means ‘high’. The word Ziggurat actually means temple ( like the ones in the Mesopotamian times).

This restaurant is located in Sunette Tower, Durban St. cor Makati Ave in Makati ( it’s actually near P. Burgos St). They’re open 24 hours by the way so if you’re craving for some authentic kebabs at the middle of the night, this is the place to go. We actually went there at 3 am, after having a round of drinks in Greenbelt 2.

The place is actually cozy and simple. It’s a bit small so it’s better to call for reservation if you’re more than 5 people. They have an open area and an enclosed area. You could also have some hookah there. Continue reading “Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine”