Afternoon High Tea at Azalea Restaurant

High Tea Afternoon at Azalea Restaurant - 4
Tea selections

Every month, Azalea Restaurant changes its theme for their high tea afternoon. This month of September, their theme is Filipino where they have selections of beef congee (goto), maja blanca, puto, sandwiches, tarts and pasta (both tomato-based and cream-based). Continue reading “Afternoon High Tea at Azalea Restaurant”

Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills

Sisig at Fiesta Kapampangan

Fiesta Kapampangan offers the best of Pampanga food and pasalubong. Fiesta Kapampangan is a food court inside Robinson’s Starmills with an area for al fresco dining. What’s great about Fiesta Kapampangan is you do not have to go too far to sample some of Pampanga’s best. 😉 Continue reading “Fiesta Kapampangan at Robinson’s Starmills”

Chic-Boy: Chicken at Baboy

Cebu Lechon Liempo at Chic-Boy
Cebu Lechon Liempo (Whole), PhP 155 per order

The name of Chic-Boy is obviously a word-play of their specialties chicken and pork (the English translation of “baboy”). There are a number of take-out stores in Metro Manila (mostly located in Quezon City). It’s good that they’ve opened a full fast food restaurant along Jupiter St. in Makati City. Yes to 24 hours of access to their sumptuous and sinful Cebu Lechon Liempo. 😀 Continue reading “Chic-Boy: Chicken at Baboy”

House of Polvoron

House of Polvoron

Polvoron is a Filipino dessert that is made up of toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar and melted butter. I like polvoron that is compact and that is not too sweet.

I love the polvoron from HOP. My favorite polvoron variant from HOP is the pinipig. Their other polvoron variants are: Classic, Pili, Cashew and Cookies and Cream. Even though the other variants are good, pinipig has been my all-time favorite.

A box (18 pieces) of each polvoron variant costs 100 pesos while a box of assorted polvoron (20 pieces) is being sold at 108 pesos. If you’re having a hard time choosing which polvoron variant you would try, I suggest that you get the assorted so that you could also try the other variants. 🙂

Albay Food Tour Series #1: 1st Colonial Grill

Malunggay, Sili and Tinutong Ice Cream
Malunggay, Sili and Tinutong Ice Cream, 79 pesos (single order)

First Colonial Grill is just amongst the restaurants that you should not miss when you’re in Legazpi City, Albay.They currently have two branches, one in Pacific Mall and one in the Old Albay District. Continue reading “Albay Food Tour Series #1: 1st Colonial Grill”

Nomming at Nomnomnom!

Malinomnom at Nomnomnom!
Malinomnom, 195 pesos per order

Entering inside Nomnomnom! instantly gave us that “homey” feel. It’s something that one would usually look for in a restaurant. Nomnomnom! is for those who have an adventurous taste and gives you a different experience for each familiar dish. We tried their Malinomnom and Fried Ravioli. Continue reading “Nomming at Nomnomnom!”

Binondo Food Tour Series #1: Sincerity Restaurant

Fried Chicken at Sincerity
Fried Chicken @ around P150 half order

A Fried Chicken may sound so common for us to visit a restaurant in Binondo called Sincerity Restaurant, they are the masters of making the common fried chicken extraordinary. For us, this is the best chicken in town. Better than foreign brands that we know of.

Sincerity’s fried chicken is crispy yet tender and juicy. That is the way we like our fried chicken because some may offer crispy fried chicken, yet the meat is dry. Continue reading “Binondo Food Tour Series #1: Sincerity Restaurant”