Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #1: Bona’s Chao Long

Chao Long at Bona's Chao Long

Beef Stew with Noodles @ Php 45

You will most likely wonder why you should try out Chao Long (Vietnamese dish) when you’re is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. In addition, you will also think why there are a lot of eateries in Puerto Princesa that are offering Chao Long. History tells us that there were Vietnamese who became refugees here in the Philippines. This was the main reason why there are a lot of eateries offering Chao Long. 🙂 Continue reading “Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series #1: Bona’s Chao Long”

Have a great Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli

Buffet at Paul Calvin's Deli

Usually, a buffet ranges from 250 to 500 pesos. Some who would offer buffet would have a higher price than the usual range because of the variety of the dishes they offer. Paul Calvin’s Deli, located along Rizal Avenue in Fort Bonifacio, offers a number of selections at a price that one would usually pay for in a buffet. Continue reading “Have a great Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli”

Chocolate Karnival at Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme's Doughnut Theater

For the past few days, me and Sha were having our chocolate doughnut fix at Krispy Kreme. Yesterday, we were able to join the Chocolate Karnival where the greatest chocolate show on earth was launched in the Philippine’s flagship store’s Doughnut Theater. Continue reading “Chocolate Karnival at Krispy Kreme”

Breakfast Suggestion 1: Jollibee Pancake Sandwich with cheese and Hot Chocolate

If you think you’re to busy to get breakfast, you should then get a Jollibee Pancake Sandwich with cheese and a Hot Chocolate especially that the weather is a bit chilly right now. But if you’re not a fan of hot chocolate, you can pair it with other drinks as a value meal for 64 pesos.

Jollibee’s other delicious breakfast joys are also available through take-out, drive-thru and Jollibee’s 8-7000 express delivery.

Jollibee Crispy Bangus

Bangus all day
After Breakfast Crispy Bangus

Enjoy an exciting crispy bangus food tripping at Jollibee from morning to evening. This will surely be enjoyed by those who are looking for something unique in a fastfood chain. Each order of the crispy bangus contains lightly smoked portion of cut bangus with a distinct peppery and vinegar taste and fried to a golden crisp. Continue reading “Jollibee Crispy Bangus”