The TWG Tea Salon and Boutique Experience

Inside TWG Tea
Customers shop inside TWG tea

The first time I’ve heard of TWG was during a food tour in The Veranda at Robinson’s Galleria. One of the restaurants there, “La Creperie”, serves some TWG teas. During our visit there, we were able to try the Silver Moon tea. It was indeed one of the best teas I’ve ever had. Thus, when I saw the TWG sign in Greenbelt 5, I became excited and I asked Sharlyne to go there with me so we can try it together. 🙂 Continue reading “The TWG Tea Salon and Boutique Experience”

Fish and Co.’s Platter Design Challenge

Malaysian-inspired fish and chips

Last Thursday, a platter design challenge was held at Fish and Co. Prior to the event, we were asked to send ingredients that we would like to use for the assigned theme. Malaysian-themed fish and chips was inspired and I had a hard time picking up which ingredients simply because of Malaysian recipes are quite similar to its neighboring countries. Continue reading “Fish and Co.’s Platter Design Challenge”