2016 Dessert Favorites

Whenever we dine out, we would usually look for a place to have a dessert. There are times that we will go out of our way just to try that new dessert. There are also times that we were really just curious when we find one by accident.

In no particular order, here are our dessert favorites this 2016:

Pablo Cheese Tart

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Polish Chocolates, Anyone?


I am a simple gal and chocolates can make me happy.

There were 2 leading chocolate brands in Krakow: Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady (Krakow Chocolate Factory) and E. Wedel’s Czekolady. I’ll also show you some that I found while I was wandering around Krakow.

1.Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady

31-009 Krakรณw, ul. Szewska 7

First on my list was to find the Chocolate Factory. It was my last day in Krakow and felt hopeless that I could’t find the Chocolate Factory then suddenly, while I was wandering the streets at the Main Square, I finally found it! I immediately went inside. I felt like Charlie when he entered Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

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SM North Food Trip 3: Twisted Candy

Jars of candy at Twisted Candy
One Jar, PhP 100 for 70g and PhP 225 for 175g

After a filling dinner at Brickfire and Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things, we walked to SM The Block from SM North Annex. We went to Twisted Candy. The candies that are being sold there are made on the spot. It makes you wonder how they were able to come up with such designs on those candies. You can check out this Instagram video by Sharlyne. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “SM North Food Trip 3: Twisted Candy”

J.Co Donuts & Coffee Eastwood: Open 24 hours!

Inside J.Co Donuts & Coffee Eastwood

It was my first time to visit JCo Donuts and Coffee in Eastwood to attend a media launch and I was glad to know that this particular branch is big! I actually like how spacious it is. Another good thing about this branch is that it’s open 24 hours! Continue reading “J.Co Donuts & Coffee Eastwood: Open 24 hours!”

Another Churros Place Discovery: Cioccolata Churros Cafe


Our Churros fanatic friend Juned Sonido, brought us to Cioccolata Churros Cafe at the Bayleaf Hotel in Intramuros. Tired from the almost whole day participation at the 2012 Canon Photomarathon, we deserve to eat something decent.

Cioccolata’s churros can be classified as second best compared to Dulcinea’s (well, they still hold the best Churros in Manila). They have 2 types of dips: traditional hot Spanish chocolate or Coffee Caramel. The choice of dips is what makes them different from Dulcinea. We ordered the traditional Spanish chocolate just for comparison. Cioccolata’s chocolate dip sauce was thin compared to Dulcinea’s which has a thicker texture.

What I liked in Cioccolata is their coffee. I like discovering places where I could get decent coffee other than Starbucks and I sometimes which that these kinds of places can be found in Makati.

If you’re on a hunt for Churros and happened to be at the Intramuros area, try Cioccolata. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cioccolata Churros Cafe

G/F The Bayleaf,
Muralla cor Victoria St
Intramuros, Manila
(02) 318-5000

G/F The Bayleaf, Muralla cor Victoria St Intramuros, Manila (02) 318-5000

New Find: Koori Yogurt Mochi

New Find: Koori Yogurt Mochi by rockerfem
New Find: Koori Yogurt Mochi, a photo by rockerfem on Flickr.

While we were strolling around Lucky Chinatown Mall, we found this interesting Yogurt Mochi stall called Koori. The salesperson told me that it’s not a franchise so it’s a local brand.

We ordered two: Azuki Taro and Midnight Cookie. It was interesting mix because Mochi is sweet while yogurt ice cream is a bit sour. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Each mochi costs 100 pesos.

By the way, they also have yogurt bars.

They’re located at the ground floor near the grocery and French Baker.

Yummy Ice Cream from Picket Fence Milk and Ice Cream Bar

Picket Fence Ice Cream

The temperature has been really high the past few days and I usually tend to look for something cold to eat or drink. Last Saturday, I went to SM The Block to try out Picket Fence Milk and Ice Cream Bar with Sharlyne and her Mom. It was actually our first time to try out their ice cream. I asked the crew some questions and I learned that their ice cream products are imported from Australia. I also learned that Picket Fence is a local brand and is not a franchise from Australia.

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J.Co Donuts and Coffee in Greenbelt 3

Hazelnut Latte and an Alcapone donut at J.Co Donuts & Coffee

After J.Co Donuts and Coffee have opened their branches in SM Megamall and SM Mall of Asia, they have finally opened their much-awaited Greenbelt 3 branch. The Greenbelt 3 branch of J.Co is just beside Figaro. We were teased by J.Co for a long time with their coming soon sign. Continue reading “J.Co Donuts and Coffee in Greenbelt 3”

DFAT 2012: Comfort Food at Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

Callos at Lachi's
Callos – PHP 170

I have many blogger friends who have been to Lachi’s and all I could hear from them is that their food is really good. The nearest thing that I was able to taste was only their best selling Sans Rival. Finally, I was able to actually go to their restaurant at Marfori Heights and sampled a lot of dishes and desserts on our first day of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT). Our table was filled with plates of their dishes. I think they served us almost half of their entire menu. This was the start of gluttony in DFAT. Continue reading “DFAT 2012: Comfort Food at Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp”

Unboxing J.Co Donuts

J.Co Donuts 1

I just got home and was surprised by two dozens of J.Co Donuts! They arrived here in the afternoon while I was at work and only got to taste them a few minutes ago. They all looked so yummy and couldn’t really choose which one to taste first. As you can see, someone (not me) was too eager to taste the donut before the photo sessions are going on hence, explains the space on the box of Al Capone donuts.  Continue reading “Unboxing J.Co Donuts”