Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food in San Juan

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food

One time, when Karla, me and Arbet passed by J. Abad Santos, we saw this ‘carinderia’ looking joint where a lot of people were flocking. The context clues were the sign “Hong Kong Street Food” and customers flocking so these were the key things that got us curious.

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Qianmen Food Trip: Siu Mai at Du Yi Chu

Du Yi Chu caught our attention because we saw from the sign that they were established in 1738, a "time honoured" restaurant. Imagine, this was already established during Qing Dynasty! It is located at the Qianmen shopping street and it’s very easy to locate because it’s just in the main street.

They are famous for their Siu mai or Shaomai. It’s very much different from the Hong Kong siumai because the edges of the wrapper are ruffled and have more filling. Although I would say that the Hong Kong Siu Mai is tastier while Beijing style is much more bland. Dipping it to black vinegar with chili powder will make a difference.

We ordered the De Luxe Siu Mai Platter which includes Lamb and Scallion Siu Mai, Prawn Sea Cucumber and Water Chestnut Siu Mai, Assorted vegetables Siu Mai and Pork and Scallion Siu Mai. One order is 8 pieces and costs 48 RMB approximately PHP 300. The photo above only has 7 pieces because Karla already ate 1 piece ;). Will update this when photos are up!

Golden Fortune Shabu-Shabu and Dimsum Buffet

Golden Fortune Shabu-Shabu and Dimsum Buffet

During these rainy days, I usually have cravings for Shabu-Shabu. Not that it only gives warmth every time I sip its broth but it also tests my patience while waiting for the ingredients to cook. Shabu-shabu is not for impatient people. 😀

Our foodie friend Nina has been recommending us to try Golden Fortune because they have a Shabu-Shabu and Dimsum buffet promo. So one drizzling evening from Greenbelt Makati, we took a cab and immediately rushed to Binondo. We arrived early so we decided to stay at the Mezzanine Cafe first then at 8:45 pm, we started walking towards Golden Fortune. The place was almost filled up when we arrived there and as the buffet hours go by, more and more eager customers are coming in. I’ve never been to this place before and was surprised that at those hours (9:00 pm onwards), there are people actually going there to eat!

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Kanzhu – Our New Favorite Noodles Place

Braised Beef Noodle Soup at Kanzhu - 2

Special Braised Beef Noodle Soup @ PHP 145

Just like Po of Kung Fu Panda, I love noodles.  Nothing beats sipping hot broth paired with freshly pulled noodles. This is comfort food for me, especially during rainy days. I’ve discovered a new favorite noodles place which is Kanzhu Hand Pulled Noodles located in J. Abad Santos Street in San Juan. This street is home to my favorite comfort food places: Chicken Charlie and Serenitea.

This restaurant was previously known as Beijing Hand Pulled Noodles, a place where I have always been curious of but never had the chance to try. Many say that with its new name now, the taste is better and there are more variation in the menu.

Of course, I ordered the specialty of the house “Special Braised Beef Noodle Soup” which I love. The broth is really tasty and I love the noodles! It has a hefty amount of tender braised beef. Continue reading “Kanzhu – Our New Favorite Noodles Place”

Zong Redefines Dining Experience

Roasted Lacquered Chicken at Zong
Roasted Lacquered Chicken, 600 pesos

Sometimes when we go out for lunch or dinner with my parents and siblings on a weekend, we’d go to The Fort and eat at Zong. We love eating at Zong because of the good food and it’s reasonably priced. 🙂 When I received the invitation from Zong to try out some new dishes, I didn’t hesitate at all. 🙂 Continue reading “Zong Redefines Dining Experience”

Peace and Happiness Dumpling House

Xiao Long Bao at Peace and Happiness Dimsum House

Xiao Long Bao @ PHP 95 (8 pieces)

A stressful week deserves a treat indeed! Mei, my officemate, told me about a newly opened Chinese restaurant in their condo called Peace and Happiness Dumpling House. She told me that it wasn’t the common Chinese restaurants seen in the malls (like North Park, Gloria Maris, etc…) so  I giddily probed more because this is my type of restaurant. This somewhat reminded me of Yen Yen, Mien San and Dong Bei.

Peace and Happiness Dumpling House is a small restaurant which has just recently opened (about 2 weeks ago) and serves North Eastern Chinese dishes. We went there on a Friday night and only have more than an hour left to order. We wanted to taste everything but of course, the four of us can only eat as much. Continue reading “Peace and Happiness Dumpling House”

Robinson’s Galleria – The Veranda Food Tripping Part 2

Outside Delicious Kitchen

Here’s the part two of our Robsinson’s Galleria The Veranda Food Tripping. This time, you’ll be reading about Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well and 8 Spices. Delicious Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant while 8 Spices is a Thai restaurant. Continue reading “Robinson’s Galleria – The Veranda Food Tripping Part 2”

Binondo Food Tour Series #5: Tasty Dumplings

Taiwanese style Meatball Soup at Tasty Dumplings
Taiwanese style Meatball Soup, PhP 63 per order

Tasty Dumplings, located near Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo, is a Taiwanese fast food restaurant. We weren’t really planning to eat there but since we’re waiting for Juned, we decided to stay inside and order something light. Continue reading “Binondo Food Tour Series #5: Tasty Dumplings”

Binondo Food Tour Series #4: Wai Ying Fastfood

Shrimp Chong Fan at Wai Ying - 2
Shrimp Chong Fan @ Php 55

Because Dong Bei was closed in during our visit to Binondo last Black Saturday, we went to Wai Ying Fastfood to eat some dumplings. Me and Karla had some Hakaw and Shrimp Chong Fan. This was actually our first time to eat there and surprisingly, the dimsum were really cheap.

Not all restaurants have Chong Fan, so when I saw the other table with this, I immediately asked the waiter for an order. The last time I had this was ages ago and I think that was in Gloria Maris Wilson. Chong Fan is actually steamed flat noodles with some filling inside (like for this one, it has shrimps inside it). The light soy sauce – sugar mixture compliments the bland taste of steamed flat noodles.  Continue reading “Binondo Food Tour Series #4: Wai Ying Fastfood”

Binondo Food Tour Series #3: New Po-Heng Lumpia House

Lumpia at New Po-Heng Lumpia House
Fresh Lumpia, 45 pesos

Looking for fresh spring rolls in Binondo? You might want to check out New Po-Heng Lumpia House in Uy Su Bin Building at Quintin Paredes St. The Fresh Lumpia is served with the use of dried powdered seaweed.  Continue reading “Binondo Food Tour Series #3: New Po-Heng Lumpia House”