Ziggurat: Indian, Mediterranean, African and Mideast Cuisine


“Ziggurat” is derived from the Assyrian term ziqquratu which means ‘high’. The word Ziggurat actually means temple ( like the ones in the Mesopotamian times).

This restaurant is located in Sunette Tower, Durban St. cor Makati Ave in Makati ( it’s actually near P. Burgos St). They’re open 24 hours by the way so if you’re craving for some authentic kebabs at the middle of the night, this is the place to go. We actually went there at 3 am, after having a round of drinks in Greenbelt 2.

The place is actually cozy and simple. It’s a bit small so it’s better to call for reservation if you’re more than 5 people. They have an open area and an enclosed area. You could also have some hookah there.

They actually have a very extensive menu of different dishes. By the way, they’re actually selling their menu, it’s a gazette ( size of a newspaper, Php 35.00 each). It’s really hard to decide so we just ordered the basics: kebabs, pita breads and dips. We ordered the mixed kebab special ( medium platter) which consists of: 2 skewers of tikka kebab ( we had chicken and beef), 2 pieces of kufteh kebab and vegetable kebabs. By the way, tikka is the sliced piece (somewhat like barbeque) while kufteh is ground patty ( somewhat like longganisa). We also ordered hummus ( hand pounded beans with tahini) and mutabbal ( hand pounded eggplant with tahini) plus Arabian Khobiz ( pita bread, like the one being used in shawarma).

You could also visit their website to see their menu: www.zigguratcuisine.com

Mixed Kebab Platter

Mixed Kebab Platter

Hummus, Mutabbal and Arabian Khobiz

Hummus, Mutabbal and Arabian Khobiz

The Ratings:

Food: 4.5/5

I would say that their kebabs are really flavorful. I loved the kufteh and chicken tikka. I also loved their garlic sauce. I also liked the Arabian Khobiz, it’s newly cooked.

Ambiance: 3.5/5

The place is really small so it’s kind of cramped inside. There’s just one table outside where you can sit on the floor ( you know, with the pillows). I have not seen the enclosed area, I just don’t know how it looks like.

Price: 4/5

The price is expensive compared to Mr. Kabab however I believe that the quality of food here is better than the latter. Probably the factor of it being in Makati makes it more expensive. However I understand that the ingredients are expensive so their price is ok compared to Hossein’s. The Mixed Kebab Platter ( medium) is Php 685.00, Hummus is Php 75.00, Mutabbal Php 75.00, Arabian Khobiz is priced Php 10.00 each ( I believe for every 2 pieces, you get 1 free). Probably you can bring a budget of Php 300.00-500.00.

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