Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Crispy Taoso Beancurd at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Crispy Taoso Beancurd @ Php 148

Someone from Yen Yen emailed us and recommended that we try their restaurant. I looked at their Facebook fan page and got really curious on this small food haven near Greenhills. Karla and I dragged 2 of our foodie friends to try Yen Yen out last Saturday before going to Cinemalaya. The place is not that hard to find, if you’re familiar with Gilmore, just go straight ahead from Aurora Boulevard. It’s at the right side and near JT’s Inasal.

Yen Yen boasts that they’re one of the cheapest places to dine in town. When I looked at their menu in Facebook, they’re indeed cheap. With prices ranging from Php 18 – Php 238 per dish, not bad! Of course, we’re not only after the price of the food but also the quality.

Spicy Wonton at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food
Spicy Wonton @ Php 68

All of the dishes we ordered were their specialties. While waiting for our friends, we had the Crispy Taoso Beancurd and Spicy Wontons. I loved the Spicy Wontons. They tasted like Xiao Long Pao because of the sauce (soy sauce and vinegar) with a little spice. I noticed that the wontons were freshly made and not the frozen kind. Plus points for this one! On the other hand, I also liked the beancurd. I loved how the saltiness of the crispy taoso complimented the soft beancurd. Yum! We’re only on the first two appetizers and we were already excited to order more.

Fried Wontons at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street FoodFried Wontons @ Php 78

Then eventually Juned and Nina already joined us. This only means one thing, let the feasting begin! We ordered additional appetizers such as the Fried Wontons, Taiwan Siopao and Taiwan Siomai. The Fried Wontons were delicious because the wonton itself is not bland. In fact, dipping it in the sweet chili sauce will make it more flavorful.

Taiwan Mini-Siopao at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Taiwan Mini Siopao @ Php 68 (4 pieces)

The siomai and the siopao were the typical ones. I liked their siopao than the siomai. I think the siomai lacked flavor (probably needs more sesame oil and shrimp).

Taiwan Siomai at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Taiwan Siomai @ Php 68 ( 4 pieces)

Taiwan Pork Chop Noodle (Jumbo) at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Taiwan Pork Chop Noodle (Jumbo) @ Php 128

Juned ordered the Taiwan Pork Chop Noodle for himself (which was eventually shared by everyone 🙂 ) The noodle soup tasted good. It was spicy but at the same time the taste of sesame oil was very evident. You must try this.

Pork Chop Rice Topping at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Pork Chop Rice (Topping) @ Php 78

The Pork Chop is one of their specialties so Karla decided to order this one. It’s actually just like your typical pork chop but this one is crispy.

Taipei Braised Beef Noodle at Yen Yen Taiwanese Street Food

Taipei Braised Beef Noodle @ Php 168 (plus Php 28 for wontons)

Nina and I decided to share the Taipei Braised Beef Noodle with additional wontons. The soup is very flavorful and there’s more than a handful amount of braised beef.

This little restaurant is definitely a must try. Their food are simple and affordable. I will definitely go back and try their other dishes in the menu. The only thing that is not nice here is that there’s no space for more than 1 car.  I suggest that you just park somewhere else or ride public transportation, it’s much easier.

Yen Yen
Wilson cor P. Guevarra Sts., San Juan City, Philippines
96 Granada St. (Gilmore Ave.)
Quezon City, Philippines

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