Unit 8 Cafe: Italian Fusion Cuisine By the Bay

Fruity Wonton Salad at Unit 8 Cafe
Fruity Wonton Salad @Php 285

SM Mall of Asia is such a big mall with lots of dining places to choose from. A lot of them are already existing in other establishments but one of its unique restaurants is Unit 8 Cafe located near the bayside of the mall.

Fellow food bloggers and I were invited a few weeks ago to taste the delicious dishes that Unit 8 has to offer. Basically their dishes are a mixture of different international cuisines. So let’s start the foodtrippin’!

The Fruity Wonton salad is very good most especially if you’re health conscious. The wonton is made of cream cheese. It’s served with raspberry vinaigrette on the side.

Chili Crusted Tofu at Unit 8 Cafe
Chili Crusted Tofu @Php 180

The Chili Crusted tofu is served with sweet chili sauce on the side. Under the tofu cubes are fried noodles which is good for pica-pica.

Eggplant Rollini at Unit 8 Cafe
Eggplant Rollini @Php 295

Eggplant Rollini is one of my favorites here in Unit 8. This is a very unique dish and I didn’t even realize that it’s eggplant until someone told me that it’s made of eggplant. This is somewhat like canneloni but instead of pasta, they used eggplant.

Fish Fillet in Light Soy Sauce at Unit 8 Cafe
Fish Fillet in Soy Sauce @Php 325

Here’s another favorite: Fish Fillet in Light Soy Sauce. I loved the way the fish was prepared. It’s very tender and juicy.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips at Unit 8 Cafe
Beer Battered Fish and Chips

Their Beer Battered Fish and Chips are probably one of the best Fish and Chips I’ve tasted here in Manila. I loved their tartar sauce.

Asian Styled Barbeque Chicken at Unit 8 Cafe
Asian Styled Barbeque Chicken @Php 285

The barbequed chicken is very tasty. I know it’s a common dish among us Filipinos but I seldom encounter a barbequed chicken that is very tender and tasty. Plus, it’s already deboned so I didn’t need extra effort to eat it. It’s also served with a cup of white rice.

Crisp Fried White Bait at Unit 8 Cafe
Crisp Fried White Bait @Php 180

This is also one of my favorites. There are 3 dips to choose from: soy-vinegar, tartar sauce and spicy mango aioli. The White Bait is deep fried until it’s crispy. This is a very good way to start your meal here in Unit 8.

Fried Lasagna Rolls at Unit 8 Cafe
Fried Lasagna Rolls @Php 285

Fried Lasagna Rolls is another favorite of mine. This is just like Eggplant Rollini except that this is really made of lasagna.

Carolina Barbequed Country Style Pork at Unit 8 Cafe
Carolina Barbequed Country Style Pork

See how big their serving is? This barbequed pork can be shared by 2 people (except if you’re really, really hungry). The pork was marinated for a long time though I preferred the barbequed chicken more than this.

Fruit Shakes at Unit 8 Cafe
Grape Shake (@Php 110), Kamias Lychee Shake (@Php 95)

One of their unique shakes was the Kamias Lychee Shake. I expected that it was sour but actually it tastes more of lychee. It’s very refreshing. Actually, their shakes are made from real fruits. I ordered the grape shake and I could feel the texture of the grape skin in my tongue.

Frozen Mango Tango at Unit 8 Cafe
Frozen Mango Tango @Php 220

Ok, now we go to their very sinful desserts. The Frozen Mango Tango wasn’t that sweet in fact, it’s just right. It has toasted cashews in some layers topped with whipped cream. Yum!

Tiramisu at Unit 8 Cafe
Tiramisu @Php 230

Their Tiramisu is probably my favorite dessert among all the desserts I’ve tasted here in Unit 8. I can’t explain. It’s heavenly.

White Chocolate Breadpudding at Unit 8 Cafe
White Chocolate Bread Pudding @Php 175

For the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, it’s served with whiskey sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream on top. I liked the feeling of tasting hot and cold at the same time while I’m eating this dessert.

Unit 8 is one of the most unique restaurants I’ve ever dined in my entire life. The food adventure is different because of the uniqueness of their dishes. This is a place where you can enjoy good food while sharing it with your families and relatives. The ambiance is very relaxing because of the abundance of light green around.

Unit 8 Cafe

G/F South Wing Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Bay Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila
+632 804-0853

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