Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu and Grill buffet

Grill and Shabu Shabu at Tong Yang

Me and Sha had a dinner at Tong Yang at SM Megamall. This is not a typical buffet where you get food and you eat it. At Tong Yang, you get the food that you want to grill, be it a chicken, pork, lamb, etc. You would also have to get the ingredients for the shabu-shabu. After that, you have to do the cooking. 😀

Of course, you won’t eat shabu-shabu and grill buffet at Tong Yang if you will be coming to a meeting afterwards. 😀 Anyway, the waiter would first ask you what kind of broth you want. For our hot pot, we wanted something a bit spicy. Since I’m not a cook, Sha did the cooking part.

Shabu Shabu at Tong Yang

For the grilling part, the waiter will give you butter. We had grilled shrimps, lambs, pork and chicken. 😀 And to get more out of the buffet, we did not get any rice at all. 😉

In addition, to get more value for the cost of the buffet (560 pesos per person):
1. Don’t just ask for water. Get bottomless drinks whether it’s beer, iced tea or softdrinks since it’s already included.
2. Get expensive ingredients such as lamb and most seafoods like oysters, shrimps, etc.
3. Don’t get rice
4. Don’t eat all the soup in your bowl

IMHO, Tong Yang Hot Pot gives you more value for your money than A Thousand Cranes.

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