Sofreh: Persian Fusion Cuisine

As Karla and I were walking towards the exit gate in the Greenhills Shopping Center, we encountered a Persian restaurant called Sofreh. Well I actually craved for something salty so we decided to have grab some bite before retiring the evening ( well actually it’s already past midnight 😉 ). We ordered a beef shawarma, the most basic thing in Persian cuisine just to satisfy my craving. Well, guess what, it was the best shawarma we’ve ever tasted in this side of Metro Manila.

Our ratings:

Location: 5/5

It’s very accessible, it’s right beside the gate in the G Strip area in Greenhills ( it’s opposite Shell Ortigas Ave).

Ambiance: 4/5

There is a dining area inside and outside. The inside dining area makes you feel being in the game “Prince of Jaipur”. You would need to ‘indian sit’ in order to dine inside ( most likely you need to remove your shoes before sitting down, but you can wear your shoes going to your table). In the outside dining area, there are beds with carpets and throw pillows wherein you could just hang out, have some round of beers and puff some hookah 😉 . While we were there, there were a group of foreigners ( I think they’re Greeks, not really sure about that) having some round of beers and enjoying the Persian music ( as in they were literally singing and dancing). It’s actually a cool place to drink some round of beers. Inside and out, it’s very cozy.

Price: 5/5

Well, Persian ingredients are not that cheap but their prices are not that high. Their beef shawarma is Php 75.00. Their food price range is Php 55.00-Php 195.00. So I think their prices are well justified.

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