SM North Food Trip 1: Brickfire

Tenderloin steak at Brickfire
Duke, PhP 285

Last weekend, there was a sale in SM North City dubbed as the Great Northern Sale. We went there last weekend not just to look around but to eat in some of the restaurants in SM North. Part one of the series is Brickfire. Brickfire is a casual dining steakhouse that was first established in Katipunan.

Mango Crab Salad at Brickfire
Mango Crab Salad, PhP 160
We had a Mango Crab salad for appetizer. Three to four people can share with this salad. 🙂

T-bone steak at Brickfire
Cowgirl Annie, PhP 149 for 200g and PhP 260 for 350g

We also got to try their T-bone steak (listed in the menu as Cowgirl Annie). Their baked t-bone steaks are available in Honey Mustard flavor and the original flavor (salt and pepper). I like how tasty their T-bone steaks are. However, eating it can be quite a challenge. I guess I’ll probably try this next in cooked Medium Rare. 🙂

Pesto Shrimp and Garlic Pasta at Brickfire
Green Pasta, PhP 185

Aside from the T-bone steak, we also tried one of their pastas. The Green Pasta consists of pesto, shrimp and garlic, and spaghetti noodles. Each pasta is served with garlic bread.

Then, we got to try their tenderloin steak (listed in the menu as Duke). I like this better than the T-bone steak. The tenderness of this steak has truly lived up to its name. You will really enjoy this steak! Highly recommended!

Baked Fish at Brickfire
Baked Fish

If ever you want to add some variation to your meal, you can also try their Baked Fish aside from ordering the steak alone. You can do that if you’re dining with two or more people. But if you are going to dine by yourself, a serving of Baked Fish is enough. 🙂 This is a must try from their selection of Main dishes.

Inside Brickfire
Inside Brickfire

Ground Floor SM North Annex

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