Simple Joys in La Cusina Del Caffe

La Cusina Del Caffe in South Melbourne

La Cusina Del Caffe is just opposite the building where I worked in Melbourne. This is where I always get my lunch (usually a pita sandwich or quiche) because I don’t need to go very far. I know there are other cafes to choose from but I’d prefer to buy here.

Inside La Cusina Del Caffe

This is just a very small cafe in Stead Street South Melbourne. They are only open during the weekdays (like most of the cafes around the area) and closes at 3 or 4 pm. They serve sandwiches, pasta, quiche and many more. As you all know, Australians don’t really eat heavy during lunch time. A sandwich for them is already enough.


What I liked in this cafe is that they’re really cheap. You can already be full with only AUD 4.00-8.00 in your pocket. They also have a very friendly staff so I didn’t have a hard time to understand them. Well actually, most people I’ve met in Australia were really warm and friendly. People who work in restaurants and cafes show you a smile and they’re not hesitant to help you if you’re having a problem choosing from the menu.


Now this was the last lunch I ate hours before I left Melbourne. A slice of lasagna and a bottle of Pomegranate and Green Tea drink. This only costed me around AUD 10.00 – 12.00.

Pomegranate and Green Tea Drink

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