Sentro: not your ordinary Filipino restaurant

Tomato Kesong Puti Salad

If you’re looking for a Filipino casual dining restaurant you could probably try dining in Sentro. The restaurant is located at 2nd level of Greenbelt 3 ( it’s right across the fountain). The restaurant is actually a part of the Chateau chain of restaurants. If you’re familiar with Portico, and Chateau 1771, you could probably guess the quality of food there.

We tried 1 appetizer and 1 entree. Since we are kesong puti lovers, we decided to have the Tomato Kesong Puti Salad. Actually we were having a dilemma what to choose because there’s another kesong puti appetizer on the menu but the waitress suggested the salad instead. It was a new concept for us so tried it anyway. The salad has the usual elements of a salad: the greens and the reds ;). The most important thing in a salad is that the vegetables should be fresh and I would like to commend Sentro for serving us fresh greens ( and reds too! 😉 ). The tomatoes were big and plumped. There was a great proportion of fresh, green lettuce on the plate. Of course, as stated on the name of the dish, it has kesong puti on it. There were 2 types of kesong puti on the dish: deep fried and the plain sliced cheese. As for the dressing of the salad,I believe it’s made of olive oil mixed with anchovies. It’s a very healthy dish so if you’re one of the health buffs and would still want to experience the joy of eating delicious food, you must try this. You could also share this salad with someone.

As for our entree, we decided to have Grilled Chicken. It’s a simple dish but the good thing is it’s not just your ordinary grilled chicken. The chicken was marinated long enough because the marinade seeped through the chicken meat not only on the skin. It was also topped with fried garlic which added on the flavor of the marinade. It’s good to pair it with white rice ;).

Overall, the food was great. No doubt about that because it’s part of the Chateau chain of restaurants. The place is a bit pricey (Tomato- Kesong Puti Salad: Php 195.00, Grilled Chicken: Php 210.00 and white rice: Php 55.00), so for 1 person bring at least Php 250.00 just to be on the safe side because their food price ranges from Php 195.00 to Php 400.00.

As for the location, it has a smoking and non-smoking area. The good thing about it was that there were waiters and waitresses in the smoking area so you can easily call them when you need something. It always has lots of guests so you better come there early.

Greenbelt 3
2nd Level, Ayala Center
Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center
Makati, Metro Manila

Phone Number: 757-3940 to 41

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