Seafood Island

To celebrate my officemate’s birthday and also a some sort of send off celebration too, my former officemates and I went to Seafood Island to have some round of beers ( this was at noon, take note 🙂 ).

As part of their beer bucket promo, we were served with appetizers. These were some of the appetizers they served:

Five Spice Chips

Pinoy Nachos

I must say that these 2 appetizers were really good. They’re also unique. I love the sauce in the 5 spice chips appetizer. I believe they used kamote as one of the chips and I must say that it was delicious. Also the Pinoy Nachos was unique since there are mangoes in there. I would like to commend Seafood Island for being adventurous and creative in these appetizers.

As for the entrees, we ordered Bagoong Rice, Pampanga Sisig, Lechon Kawali and Plain Rice. They were all ok but not really extraordinary.

Bagoong Rice

Lechon Kawali

Plain Rice wrapped with Banana leaves

Sisig Pampanga

Their prices are a bit expensive, one of the cheapest dishes was the Lechon Kawali ( about Php 185) when it was not really satisfiable alone. Their plain rice is about Php 30 per cup.

Maybe next time we’ll try their seafood. By the way, Seafood Island is owned by Red Crab, known for sumptous crab dishes 🙂

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