Savory Chicken at SM Mall of Asia

Must-try at Savory Chicken
Savory Chicken must-try

It was my first time to try Savory Chicken a few weeks back with my siblings and my nephews. I can’t recall if I already tried the classic Savory but I remember passing by a restaurant called Savory in Manila way back. I think I was in grade school at that time. Anyway, I haven’t checked the difference of the Savory Chicken located in the malls and the classic one. I guess me and Sha will try it one of these days. 😀

Lomi at Savory Chicken
Savory Classic Lomi Soup at 160 pesos

We ordered for a Savory Classic Lomi Soup and it costs 160 pesos. The serving is big and it’s good for five people. The soup’s flavor is rich and the texture is thick just the way we like our lomi. 😀

We also ordered for a Savory Classic Chicken. Your Savory Chicken experience, won’t be complete without trying this one. In fact, their chicken should be included in your compulsory list of items to be ordered at Savory Chicken. 😀

Fish fillet with Tofu in Taosi Sauce at Savory Chicken
Fish Fillet with Tofu in Taosi Sauce – 175 pesos

We also ordered for a Fish Fillet with Tofu in Taosi Sauce. An order of this one consists of pan-fried fish fillet, with tofu squares in black bean sauce. An order of this is already good for 3 to 5 people.

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