Robinson’s Galleria – The Veranda Food Tripping Part 2

Outside Delicious Kitchen

Here’s the part two of our Robsinson’s Galleria The Veranda Food Tripping. This time, you’ll be reading about Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well and 8 Spices. Delicious Kitchen is a Chinese restaurant while 8 Spices is a Thai restaurant.

Inside Delicious Kitchen

Delicious Kitchen by Eat Well is a bit crowded by just taking a look at their restaurant layout. However, the quality of the food can compensate for this. I was able to try their Shrimp on Toast, Xiao Long Pao and their butchi with white chocolate filling.

Homemade beancurd with asparagus and bailing mushroom at Delicious Kitchen
Homemade beancurd with asparagus and bailing mushroom, 235 pesos

Amongst the food served, my favorites are Shrimp on Toast and Buchi with white chocolate filling.

Xiao Long Pao
Xiao Long Pao, 195 pesos

Shrimp Toast at Delicious Kitchen
Shrimp on Toast, 330 pesos

Buchi with White Chocolate filling at Delicious Kitchen
Buchi with white chocolate filling

Outside 8 Spices

If you like Thai food, then you should try 8 Spices. We were able to try their Tom Yum, Pla Harod, Pad Thai with Shrimp and Tahako.

Pla Harod at 8 Spices
Pla Harod, 510 pesos

Pla Harod is fried lapu-lapu in five kinds of herbs. It’s definitely a must try especially if you’re with a big group.

Pad Thai at 8 Spices
Pad Thai with Shrimp, 285 pesos

Amongst the other Thai restaurants I’ve been too, it’s my first time to see Pad Thai served in this manner. Usually, you wouldn’t see the Pad Thai wrapped like the one in the picture above.

Tom Yum at 8 Spices
Tom Yam Ruam Mid Thalay, 380 pesos

Tom Yum is my favorite Thai dish and it didn’t disappoint me. It’s great to have Thai Iced Tea if you’re ordering Tom Yum.

Thai Milk Tea at 8 Spices
Thai Iced Tea Special, 85 pesos

For dessert, we tried Thako. Thako is like maja blanca, but it has tapioca.

Tahako at 8 Spices
Thako, 150 pesos

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