Revisiting Fish out of Water

Kalderata Pot Roast at Fish out of Water - 1

I first tried out Fish out of Water with my Dad and my sister in 2008. Ever since, I sometimes go back there to try out something different.

A plate of baguettes and a smoked fish pate as a dip is just one thing that’s worth looking forward to in every visit to Fish out of Water.

Appetizer at Fish out of Water
Baguettes and Smoked Fish Pate

For our appetizer, we had Tuna Carpaccio and Manila Rockefeller. The Tuna Carpaccio as an appetizer is good for 3-4 people. The Manila Rockefeller oysters may be shared by 3-4 people as well.

Tuna Carpaccio at Fish out of Water
Tuna Carpaccio, 220 pesos per order

Tuna Carpaccio, as the name suggests, is made up mainly of raw strips of tuna with olives, red and green bell peppers and mangoes. It’s a very light appetizer that one would enjoy eating. 🙂

Manila Rockefeller at Fish out of Water
Manila Rockefeller, 298 pesos per order

Fish out of Water’s Manila Rockefeller is a must try. Sha almost finished all of the oysters while I just ate one to taste. 🙂

Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Superior Soy Sauce at Fish out of Water
Steamed Lapu-Lapu in Superior Soy Sauce at Fish out of Water, 140 pesos per 100 grams

Eating at Fish out of Water won’t be complete without an order of a whole Lapu-Lapu or a Visayan Sea bass. We tried the Lapu-Lapu and it’s a big one. 😀 It was steamed in superior soy sauce. We barely finished it because this can be shared by a group of 4.

Kalderata Pot Roast at Fish out of Water - 2
Kalderata Pot Roast, 385 pesos per order

It was our first time to try the Kaldereta Pot Roast. What I like about it is the tenderness of the beef.

We used our Smart Rewards coupon when we dined here and since our bill reached more than 1,500 pesos, we used the 10% discount instead of getting the free appetizer of the day.

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