Regional Italian Dishes at La Piadina

Il Pollo Saltato al Balsamico con Basilico at La Piadina
Il Pollo Saltato al Balsamico con Basilico (from Romagna Region, 350 pesos)

If you’ve been to Glorietta Food Choices, you probably have encountered La Piadina. Just a few months ago, La Piadina opened a restaurant which is quite different from the one that you’ve seen in Glorietta Food Choices. The restaurant offers regional Italian dishes.

From what I’ve read in their menu, the listing is grouped based on their region of origin. With this, La Piadina lets you experience Italy through the food that they offer.

Le Penne al Forno con Pomodoro Secchi at La Piadina
Le Penne al Forno con Pomodoro Secchi (from the Toscana region, 195 pesos)

My favorite from what we’ve ordered is the Il Pollo Saltato al Balsamico con Basilico (Chicken breast sauteed in sweet Modena Balsamic vinegar served with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables). This is good for one person but this can be shared especially if you’re eating with a small group (2-3 people).

La Pizza de Mare at La Piadina
La Pizza de Mare, 380 pesos per order

The experience won’t be complete without trying a pizza and a pasta. Thus, we ordered Le Penne al Forno con Pomodoro Secchi (baked short penne pasta with sundried tomatoes) and La Pizza de Mare (seafood pizza). I liked the seafood pizza but I was a bit disappointed with the pasta. I think it would be better if it had more chunks of sundried tomatoes.

La Panzanella at La Piadina
La Panzanella Salad at La Piadina (from the Toscana region, 225 pesos per order)

We had a La Panzanella Salad as our appetizer. It’s a Tuscan-style mixed green salad with tuna flakes and boiled eggs in sweet Modena balsamic vinegar dressing.

Our La Piadina experience isn’t complete yet since we’re only able to try out the dishes from the two regions. In addition, we haven’t tried the desserts yet. I guess we’ll be coming back in order to complete our La Piadina experience. 🙂

La Piadina (La Cucina Regionale Italiana)
2nd Floor of Glorietta IV,
Ayala Center, Makati,
Hours open: 11am to 10pm

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