DFAT 2012: Ranchero’s Merienda Cena

Tiboktibok at Ranchero
Tibok tibok, 70 pesos

On our first day at DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour), we had our afternoon snack at Ranchero. It was a typical Filipino merienda where we had some pancit bihon, fried and fresh lumpia, dinuguan with puto and some sweet local delicacies. I remember when I was still working in an office in Makati City, I would either have some pancit bihon or fried lumpia as an afternoon snack a few hours before my work in the office ends.

Inside Ranchero
Inside Ranchero, Abreeza branch

I like the interiors of Ranchero. It is very Filipino. The cowboy hats inside gives you the feeling that you’re in a place owned by someone who has a ranch.

Pansit Bihon at Rancho
Pancit Bihon, 175 pesos (good for 2-3 people)

Amongst the savory snacks, my favorites are Pancit Bihon and Fried Lumpia. What I love about their Pancit Bihon is that it has a generous amount of meat and vegetables. The noodles in their Pancit Bihon is not overcooked as well.

Fresh Lumpia at Ranchero
Fresh Lumpia, 85 pesos

I like how Ranchero prepared their fried lumpia. The vegetables are still intact in the wrapper and it is tightly packed as well. I also like that their fried lumpia is not greasy. If you will order fried lumpia, dip your lumpia onto the vinegar to add a sour kick.

Fried Lumpia at Ranchero
Fried Lumpia, 85 pesos

For Ranchero’s Dinuguan with Puto, Sharlyne was able to try it. Honestly, me and Sharlyne are not fans of Dinuguan (blood stew). However, according to Sharlyne, she liked their Dinuguan. Ranchero is now included in her list of restaurants in which she liked the dinuguan.

Dinuguan with Puto at Ranchero
Dinuguan with Puto

As for the sweet local delicacies that they offer, I suggest that you try Kakanin Trio of you’re in a group of 5. The Kakanin Trio is like a sampler consisting of Suman sa Lihiya at Latik, Tibok tibok, and Sticky Rice with mango. The kakanin sampler comes with a pot of hot tea.

Kakanin Trio at Ranchero
Kakanin Trio (with free hot tea/salabat), 275 pesos

Amongst the three, my favorite is the Tibok tibok. Tibok tibok is also known as maja blanca. This dessert is very smooth and melts in the mouth. Sharlyne loves the Suman sa Lihiya at Latik.

Suman sa Lihiya at Latik at Ranchero
Suman sa Lihiya at Latik, 70 pesos

Ranchero’s Merienda Cena is available daily from 2pm to 5pm. They also have other menu items to choose from their Merienda Cena menu.

Sticky Rice with Mango at Ranchero
Sticky Rice with Mango, 70 pesos

Ranchero used to have a big restaurant at F. Torres Street in Davao however I wasn’t able to see it on its original location. By the way, Ranchero was originally from General Santos City. We were able to dine there previously and really enjoyed having lunch there. This was the first time that we had merienda in Ranchero.

Outside Ranchero in Abreeza

3rd floor, Roof Garden, Abreeza Ayala Malls, Davao City
(082) 225-1199

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