Puerto Princesa Food Trip Series # 2: Kalui’s

Inside Kalui's - 1

One of the most in demand restaurants in Puerto Princesa City is Kalui’s. Most likely it’s because of the tropical and artsy ambiance that is reflective of Puerto Princesa’s culture. This restaurant was recommended by a blogger friend of ours, Gail Villanueva, when she and her hubby Marc went their for their anniversary.

Inside Kalui's - 2

I had to ask help from the hotel to book us a table because we’ve heard from the locals that we should make a reservation in advance. Karla and I were supposed to eat there at 7:30 pm with my high school batchmate Karen, who’s also staying in our hotel also, but there’s no more slot for us so we decided to try the Chao Long first in Bona’s which became a “pre-dinner” thing. It was our last night in Puerto Princesa so we’ll really food trip until we can! Anyway, going back to Kalui’s, the only slot available was the 9:30 slot so we accepted it. We rode a 10-minute tricycle ride from Pads (Legend Hotel). Every tricycle driver knows Kalui’s because it’s a popular tourist destination.

Fruit shakes in Kalui's

Mango Shake @  Php 50 and Green Mango Ginger Combo @ Php 55

When we arrived, we were amazed with the place because it’s all made of wooden materials. We had to take off our shoes to protect their shiny wooden floor. Shoes were kept in footlockers located at th entrance of the restaurant.

We started off by ordering refreshing shakes such as the Green Mango – Ginger Combo and Mango Shakes. I’m not really a fan of Green Mango but I just wanted to try this weird combination. It was sweet and sour (because of the Green Mangoes) and at the same time has that ginger-y taste (like Salabat) but I liked it.

Seaweeds in Kalui's

Fresh Seaweeds (tastes better if dipped in vinegar)

As for the dishes we ordered, Karla and I decided to order their set menu titled Kalui Special of the Day Set which is good for 2 and costs Php 395. Included in the set were fresh seaweeds, Fish Steak, Grilled Lobster, Sweet and Sour Fish, Veggies of the Day, Rice and fruit dessert.

Vegetables in Kalui's

Veggies of the Day

The set meal won’t really make you that full. Their servings are not that big. The lobster was small but the fish steak’s size was ok. Good thing was that the Fish Steak wasn’t overcooked, or else it would’ve been dry.

Spring Lobster in Kalui's

Grilled Lobster

Tuna in Kalui's

Fish Steak (this is just the half of it)

In Kalui's

Sweet and Sour Fish

Only 2 pieces of Sweet and Sour Fish was served. The whole set menu is like a food tasting set just to allow their customers to taste bits and pieces of their dishes. So if you have a big appetite, this might not make you full.

Tuna Sashimi with fruits in Kalui's

Tubbataha Salad @ Php 165

Since we wanted to experience another dish from Kalui, we ordered the Tubbataha Salad, one of their best sellers. It’s composed of raw Tuna strips, sliced mangoes with Palawan dressing. The Palawan dressing is like a vinaigrette with chopped chillis. This dish allowed my palate to experience 3 tastes: sweetness from the manges, a little bit of sourness because of the vinegar and the spiciness contributed by the chopped chilis. Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂

Dessert in Kalui's

Complimentary Dessert

We thought that there was no dessert and was surprised when the waiter brought us a coconut husk with fruits on it. The fruits were topped with Muscovado sugar and drizzled with sugar-water syrup. It’s a combination of artificial and natural sweetness in one bite.

The overall experience in Kalui’s is exciting because of the artwork that filled every corner of the restaurant. I didn’t believe that the restaurant was that big until I went to the washroom. Artworks of Puerto Princesa artists were displayed.

Inside Kalui's 2

Inside Kalui's 1

Inside Kalui's 3

Inside Kalui's 4

369 Rizal Avenue Puerto Princesa City Palawan
( Opens Daily Save Sundays Lunch 11-2pm; Dinner 6:00-10:30pm )

(048) 433 2580

Mobile No:
– +63 928 753 9621

– online@kaluirestaurant.com, or ask your hotel assistant to call them for reservations



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