DFAT 2012 Day 2: Piyesta KTV and Restobar

Outside at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Outside Piyesta KTV and Restobar, SM Davao

After a long trip from the Kapatagan Valley, we headed to SM Davao to have dinner at Piyesta KTV and Restobar. It was just opened this year. They have rooms for KTV where each room is named after a Philippine fiesta. I like the concept of the restobar because it promotes Philippine fiestas and Filipino dishes too.

Inside Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Inside the restobar

Inside the restaurant, you will see various pictures of the most popular Philippine fiestas. Their KTV rooms are also named after Philippine Fiestas so you will surely feel festive while singing :). Piyesta KTV and Restobar is highly recommended if you’re going out with a big group (group of five to ten people) because of their Piyesta meals. Their piyesta meals are good for a group of 5 people.

Piyesta Meal #1 at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Piyesta Meal #1 (Garlic chicken, sotanghon guisado, lumpia shanghai (tuna), chili garlic chicken) (@ PHP 1,150)

Our our table, we had the Piyesta Meal #1 and Piyesta Meal #4. Piyesta Meal #1 includes Garlic chicken, Sotanghon Guisado, Lumpia Shanghai (tuna) and Chili Garlic Chicken. Piyesta Meal #4 includes Pakbet, Breaded Pork and Sweet and Sour Fish. Each Piyesta Meal includes rice and iced tea.

Piyesta Meal #4 at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Piyesta Meal #4 (Pakbet, Breaded Pork, Sweet and sour fish @Php 1000)

I was able to try the Garlic chicken, Breaded pork, Pakbet and Sweet and Sour fish from the Piyesta meals on our table. My favorite is the Pakbet while the runner up would be the Garlic chicken.

Piyesta Meal #7 at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Piyesta Meal #7 (Tuna panga, chopsuey, buttered chicken @ PHP 1000)

I would have wanted to try the Tuna Panga and the Tuna Buntot from the other table since Piyesta KTV and Restobar came from Gen. Santos City.

Piyesta Meal #8 at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Piyesta Meal #8 (Tuna buntot, lumpia shanghai, pinoy salad, manggang hilaw, sinuglaw, tinolang isda @ PHP 1,250)

For your appetizer or if you like to munch on something while having drinks, Try their Kura sticks. It looks like a dynamita (chili cheese sticks) but the filling is beef instead of cheese.

Kura sticks at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Kura sticks

For dessert, try their Knicker Backer. It’s made of sliced fresh fruits topped with strawberry ice cream and whipped cream. This dessert is a must try most especially if you’ll be in Zamboanga City.

Piyesta KTV's Knicker Backer

For drinks, you should try Dama Shots or Sungka Shots with your friends. It’s a nice twist that they’ve added to dama and sungka 🙂 . The dama and sungka set is free of use for every pitcher of cocktail that you order.

Dama Shots at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Dama Shots

Sungka shots at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Sungka Shots (Robbie Bautista playing Sungka Shots with Charles)

By the way, Piyesta KTV is partly owned by a fellow blogger – Donna Congson of Kikaymuch.me 😀

Piyesta KTV and Restobar
The Annex SM City Davao

Operating hours:
Sunday to Thursday, 9:30am to 12:00mn
Friday to Saturday, 9:30am to 2:00am

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