Pica-Pica Treats at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Pork Barbeque at Obsidian Bar and Grill

There’s a new bar and grill that recently opened in Ortigas Home Depot called Obsidian Bar and Grill. Aside from being a drinking venue and a place to watch local bands perform, they also boast their delicious pica-pica treats for everyone. Well, they weren’t wrong.

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of ours from Obsidian invited us to have a glimpse of their pica-picas before they formally open. We feasted on the dishes that are the must-orders when you come to their bar to watch great bands perform.

What I liked about their menu is that it’s simple and had all the pica-picas that must be ordered when you’re in a bar. Nothing really complicated. You might think that it’s just appetizers, they also have dishes that can be paired with rice. Well, we’re Filipinos and very flexible on what we want to pair with rice 😉 .

We first had Pork Barbeque which was a standard appetizer for Filipinos. It’s composed of 5 barbeques per order which only costs Php 100. It comes with a sauce which you can dip the pork barbeque into for more flavor but the barbeque can stand alone.

Chicken Wings at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Spicy Chicken Wings @ Php 179

The Spicy Chicken Wings (or Buttered Chicken) is our most favorite dish in Obsidian. One order is composed of 8 chicken wings. The chickens were very tasty and you’ll not be satisfied with only just one. It’s  like Buffalo Wings but the spiciness is tolerable. My suggestion to them is that they can also have some dips (blue cheese dip) for added flavor. But this dish can stand alone just like the barbeque above.

Bicol Express at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Bicol Express @ Php 169

I love Bicol Express, in fact, I love everything with coconut milk. This is one of the dishes that somewhat became weird for me because I am used to the Bicol Express having the taste of coconut milk. In here, I wasn’t able to taste the coconut milk. In fact, it tasted sweet, which was very unexpected. It was pretty ok as it is but it seems that it can’t be called Bicol Express.

Sisig at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Sisig @ Php 169

This is probably one of the best sisigs I have tasted ever in my life. It’s cooked Pampanga style – meaning it’s not well done. They didn’t use the instant sisigs that are being sold in the markets. Real pig’s ears were used combined with pig’s lungs. I’m not really fond of eating the pig’s insides but for this one, it wasn’t noticeable that’s why it’s ok to eat it as it is.

Crispy Pata at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Crispy Pata @ Php 389

Obsidian’s Crispy Pata is one of the cheapest that in Manila. It’s served without the big bone anymore so that customers won’t have a hard time getting the meat out from the bone. I liked this one very much as it’s very tender and the meat is very tasty. It’s served with a sauce which my guess contains Worcestershire sauce, pepper, salt, sugar and soy sauce. The sauce tasted weird at that time because the Worcestershire sauce was too strong, I suggest that they lessen this. I think that the Crispy Pata can also stand alone as the meat itself is already tasty.

Binagoongan at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Binagoongan @ Php 169

Binagoongan or Pork Stewed with Shrimp Paste tasted ok. I hope that they add more Shrimp Paste to actually taste it.

Chicharong Bulaklak at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Chicharong Bulaklak @ Php 169

The Chicharong Bulaklak was superb! This is a great appetizer to pair with an ice cold beer.

Chicken Adobo at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Chicken Adobo @ Php 169

Here’s another favorite of mine, the Chicken Adobo. The chicken was marinated long enough which resulted to a tastier chicken meat. This is a good dish to pair with rice!

Beef Tapa at Obsidian Bar and Grill

Tapa @ 169

The Beef Tapa is another favorite of mine. The beef is very tender and again, very tasty. It’s not cooked well done, in fact it was cooked just. It tasted a bit sweet and salty.

Who says you can’t combine beer drinking and band watching with good food?  Obsidian Bar and Grill showcases different appetizers which you can enjoy while hanging out with friends. They also added the usual street foods that we know such as fish balls and squid balls as well as fish dishes in their menu.

Obsidian Bar and Grill

Unit 149/150 Bldg C Ortigas Home Depot Complex
(near Pier 1)

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