Persia Grill


( Hummus with Pita Bread)

Persia Grill is a small restaurant located in Valero Carpark,  Valero St. Makati ( it’s right at the back of Paseo Center). Obviously from the name of the restaurant itself they serve Persian dishes however it’s somewhat “Filipinized”. I’ve heard about this place since the owner of this restaurant is actually Kian from Pinoy Big Brother Season 2. It was a graduation gift for him after college. We were around the area that’s why we decided to eat at this restaurant.

We came there in a Saturday afternoon so basically it was just us and also it was during pre-Frank typhoon. The place was actually small, probably for 30 pax. There was a big sofa there with throw pillows. There were Persian ornaments around, of course the shisha was there. I believe there’s no place for you to use the shisha, aww too bad. When we arrived there there were some waiters who were sleeping on the couch probably since they assumed that no one’s gonna come to dine. Well it’s fine, it’s off peak hours 😉 .


( Ground Beef Kebab)

We came there just to have merienda so we only ordered 2 dishes which is Hummus with Pita bread and Ground Beef Kebab. The price of their food ranges from Php 90.00-Php 200.00. It’s really cheap. I believe this is one of the cheapest Persian restaurants around the Makati area. I checked their menu and they have business meals also amounting to Php 110.00 and it comes with rice and iced tea. Not bad huh? So when you’re around the area, try to visit this place.


Location, ambiance: 3.5/5

It’s very easy to locate. If you’re near Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Ave, you can walk towards the restaurant ( about 10 minute walk). As for the place itself, the place is a bit small and dark. There’s just one sofa so only a group can get the chance to sit there.

Food: 3.5/5

Their food is ok, though the ground beef kebab tastes like plain burger patties. It’s not like in Ziggurat, you could really taste the difference between a hamburger patty and a kebab.

Price: 5/5

Their prices are really cheap. Ranges from Php 90-Php 200 bucks, and it’s in Makati ( it’s really a good deal).

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