Have a great Buffet at Paul Calvin’s Deli

Buffet at Paul Calvin's Deli

Usually, a buffet ranges from 250 to 500 pesos. Some who would offer buffet would have a higher price than the usual range because of the variety of the dishes they offer. Paul Calvin’s Deli, located along Rizal Avenue in Fort Bonifacio, offers a number of selections at a price that one would usually pay for in a buffet.

Mushroom soup at Paul Calvin's Deli
Mushroom soup

In every buffet, it’s expected to have at least one soup. Paul Calvin’s Deli offers fresh mushroom soup (yes, with real bits of mushroom) and you have an option to top it with croutons. I love the texture of the soup. It’s creamy the way I like it.

Pasta in Creamy Sauce at Paul Calvins Deli
Pasta in Creamy Sauce

Pasta in tomato Sauce at Paul Calvin's Deli
Pasta in tomato sauce

The buffet selection also offers freshly cooked pasta. You can ask the chef the taste you’re looking for in a pasta and he will prepare it for you. I tried the two versions of pasta, one in creamy sauce and one in tomato sauce.

Fish Fillet with Tofu at Paul Calvin's Deli
Fish Fillet with Tofu

Grilled Liempo at Paul Calvin's Deli
Grilled Liempo

Amongst the selections included in the buffet table for the main course (aside from the freshly cooked pasta), our favorites would be the Fish Fillet with Tofu and the Grilled Liempo.

Tarts at Paul Calvin's Deli

For the desserts, you should try out their tarts, and as well as the carrot loaf and the malunggay loaf. If you like the carrot loaf and the malunggay loaf, you can buy and take home a box with you. 🙂

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