Nuvali Food Tour

Seafood Platter in Reyes Barbeque

Seafood Platter from Reyes Barbeque

Weeks ago, I was invited to participate in the Nuvali Food Tour. As expected, it was a day of restaurant hopping and food tasting. We literally ate and run as we were only allowed to stay in the restaurant for 20 minutes.

Nuvali is both a residential and commercial community wherein evo-living (evolutionary living) is reflected from the structures up to the practices of the whole community. It is a reflection of a harmonious relationship between nature, technology and industry. I’ve heard of this place before but this was my first time to step foot to this wonderful place. It’s just near Manila, only 1.5 hours away.The restaurants are in Solenad, the commercial area in Nuvali.

Our group was divided into 2, each with 5 restaurants to visit. I won’t show you every dish we ate because there were really a lot. I’ll just show you my favorite ones.

The first restaurant we visited was Reyes Barbeque. I’m familiar with their pork barbeque and there’s no doubt about its yummy taste. I was surprised about how their grilled seafood tasted. I loved the Tuna because it’s very tasty, tender and not very dry. The Grilled Squid was also delish, not overcooked just how it should be. They don’t really have a Seafood Platter. It was only presented as such because we will be eating as a group.

Suman Fondue in Crisostomo

Suman Fondue from Crisostomo

Our second stop was Crisostomo, which offered modern Filipino cuisine. The dishes in Crisostomo are not typical Filipino dishes. It looks exciting but lacked the follow through on the taste. The only thing that really made me excited was their Suman Fondue. The presentation was really good because they made the ordinary Suman (native rice cake wrapped in banana or palm leaves or the Filipino Tamale) looked like “high class”. At least for this one, it looked good and it tasted good.

Burger in Nature Trails, Nuvali

Hamburger from Nature Trails

Here’s a restaurant that hasn’t been open yet when we were there, but I believe they’re already open as I write this blog post. Are you familiar with Kanin Club? Nature Trails is another restaurant by the owners of Kanin Club. This is a totally different theme because Nature Trails is a restaurant for bikers or cyclists. They offer easy to eat and organic dishes. I loved their burger. It’s made of 100% beef and very juicy. The burger is topped with organic mushrooms, bacon and cheese to die for. Yum! In my opinion, this doesn’t need ketchup anymore but if you’re a ketchup lover, then go for it!

Other restaurants that we visited were Yellow Cab and Starbucks. Well there’s nothing extraordinary in those two because they’re also accessible here in Manila.

Nuvali is open to everyone who wishes to relax and enjoy nature in the Sta. Rosa area so no need to be a resident of Nuvali. I just wish that Solenad will have restaurants that will be distinct to that place only. Most of the restaurants there can also be found in Manila. At least for Nature Trails, it can only be found there so this can be a unique place to dine whenever you will be in Nuvali.

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