Nestle Creamery (formerly known as Magnolia House)

UFO by Magnolia House
UFO, 98 pesos per serving

Me and my siblings were brought to Magnolia House back in the 80’s (or early 90’s) (that’s what’s it’s called back then). I remember myself playing at their outdoor playground. When me and Sha visitied the Magnolia House, which is already known as Nestle Creamery, the outdoor playground looks different based on what I was able to remember.

I guess it would be nice for a family to bring the kids at Nestle Creamery and share to them a little bit of history. 😀 This ice cream parlor and restaurant has been a haven for kids and adults alike for their meals and desserts. Of course, it’s a must to try their ice cream. 😀

Choco Mint Trifle by Magnolia House
Choco Mint Trifle, 110 pesos per serving

We ordered for a UFO and a Choco Mint Trifle. A single serving of UFO consists of scoops of chocolate, strawberry, mango, vanilla and ube ice creams, between a doughnut sliced in half (just like a sandwich). Two chocolate pretzels are placed at the doughnut hole and on the top of the doughnut, two gummi bears were placed. The doughnut’s texture is of course, not at par with Krispy Kreme’s standards but still, it’s a creative concept.

As for the Choco Mint Trifle, it contains a mix of ganache, mint custard, four scoops of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with mint syrup and sprinkled with almond flakes. This should be a really “cool” way for treating yourself. 🙂

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