Monsee’s, Not Just Your Neighborhood Bakery

Outside Monsee's
Outside Cafe Monsee’s

I appreciate food tasting invitations during public holidays. Received an invitation from Nana for a food tasting session at Cafe Monsee’s. Not really familiar with the place though so I Googled it and some blogs of our fellow food bloggers came up from the search. Most of them recommended their breads and pastries.

Cafe Monsee’s is located at White Plains Avenue, just before Boni Serrano if you are coming from the Monument of Heroes in Edsa. The facade of Monsee’s is just like a typical house with white painted walls and two red doors. I already felt the homey – neighborhood vibe upon seeing the facade. Then Karla and I went inside and saw the yummy looking breads and pastries.

Inside Monsee's - 2

Inside Cafe Monsee’s

And so the pig out session begins. Different kinds of bread arrived in our table made of rye, potato and rice. By the way, all breads and pastries here were baked from this place. They even cater to hotels and other coffee shops around the metro. Different flavored breadsticks also arrived together with the Focaccia Bread. So initially, it was a bread feast, i.e. Carb Feast. I loved the breadsticks, I couldn’t help but munch on them in between conversations. πŸ˜€ I decided to postpone my consumption of the rice bread (or Pan de Motsi) because I wanted to pair it with Hot Chocolate.

Callos, Rye Bread and Bread Sticks at Monsee's

Callos (Php 2000 per pan)

And after the bread feast, special Spanish dishes were served: Callos and Cocido.

Callos is a dish we inherited from the Spaniards which is composed of ox’s tripe, chick peas and Chorizo de Bilbao. At that time, I was just game for everything and I’ve forgotten what it’s made of and that I do not have a gall bladder anymore. I was advised to avoid tripes but there I was, savoring every spoon of Monsee’s Callos in my mouth and just continued to get more servings because it was really damn good. Probably one of the best ones I’ve ever tasted.

Cocido at Monsee's


Cocido, on the other hand, tasted wonderful as well. You may think that it’s tasted the same as Callos but it’s not. Cocido is meat and vegetable stew and is cooked with bone pieces to enrich the stock. Both of them have chickpeas. Cocido is like “Pochero” and because it has banana, it tasted sweet.

Monsee’s already serve Callos in their regular menu on the other hand Cocido will be served starting this holiday season (by order basis).

So after cooking the chef, Attorney Marina Demeterio, joined us for a little chitchat. I learned that she was a former prosecutor for the Ombudsman. She gave up her professional career as a lawyer and followed her passion of becoming a chef. Monsee’s came from the word “Monsignor” because one of the partners is a priest. Marina has 4 more partners who are Chef Bubbles Cruz – Lerias, John Escolin (banker, coffee connoisseur and food entrepreneur), Charles Escolin (lawyer and law professor) and Reverent Monsignor Vicente Bauson.

Dipping Pan De Mochi in a cup of hot chocolate at Monsee's

Pan de Motsi dipped in Hot Chocolate

What’s good after a hearty dinner? Of course, desserts. I already have my eye on their cupcakes the moment I stepped inside the cafe. Good thing they served them for dessert. Cupcakes that were served were: Zucchini, Carrot and Chocolate. My favorite is the Zucchini Cupcake (green colored cupcake below). It is surprisingly delicious and the icing is made of peppermint. I couldn’t help but rave about this while eating. I like their cupcakes because it’s moist and it’s not very sweet.

Various cupcakes at Monsee's

Zucchini, Chocolate and Carrot Cupcakes

At Monsee's

Untitled Dessert

Chef Marina served us an untitled dessert. She just recently invented it but could not determine how to name it. I’ll just describe it for you so that you can imagine how it tastes like. It’s like bread pudding with leche flan. This dessert is heavenly but deadly. πŸ˜€

At Monsee's

Thanks to a hearty meal from Monsee’s, I have a new favorite pastry place. It’s quite far from where I live but I could find time to drop by.

One thing I learned from this experience is that being passionate about something creates great results for as long as you have mastered the skills.  Many people were wondering why Atty. Marina gave up her professional career and all I could think about is that she found her passion in a different industry. People change and if this change will create something good in you and for others, why not risk it? I admire the people who are behind this quaint neighborhood bakery. I hope that you continue serving your customers with such passion.

Bread Sticks at Monsee's

Breadsticks at Php 85 – 120 per pack

Cafe Monsee’s

118 Katipunan Avenue,
White Plains Quezon City


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