Mongolian Quick Stop


I actually like stir-fried kind of foods and when I am hungry ( as in literally) and up for some Asian style cooking I eat at Mongolian Quick Stop. It’s quick and easy to eat.They have branches in most food courts ( Robinson’s Galleria, Gateway Mall etc..). Now this is how you execute this quick stop:

Step 1: Choose the size of the bowl. The smallest one is called Mongolian Quick box ( Php 78.00) next is Mongolian box Single ( Php 130.00) and the biggest one is Mongolian big box (Php 200+). If you’re really hungry and don’t wanna be too full, just have the single box, that would work. The picture above is a sample of the single box.

Step 2: Choose the ingredients that you want to include in the your meal. As far as I could remember, in the Galleria branch, the customer will be the one who will choose the things to be included in the bowl however in the Gateway branch it’s the crew who will do it for you. Well anyway, you can actually tell the crew on what not to include or if you want more of some vegetables, rice or noodles.

Step 3: Choose the sauce. You have the option to have it sweet, sweet and spicy or just spicy.

Step 4: Wait for your stir-fried meal then enjoy. đŸ˜‰

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