Manos Greek Taverna

Greek Taverna

Last December 26, we were one of the 25 individuals who attended the Plurk Lakbayan 08. The purpose of the trip is actually to pig out 😉 . All 25 of us were in the quest of food tripping in Tagaytay. Our first stop was Manos Greek Taverna.

Tzatziki at Greek Taverna
Pita bread with Tzatziki dip @ Php 100

Since we’re really a big group, Manolo suggested that we divide ourselves into groups so that billing won’t be that hard. I was included in the munchfest group (most of us are food bloggers): Melo, Nina, Gail, Karla and Marc. It’s usually hard being with food bloggers because we have to have a good shot of the food before everyone starts eating 😉 . Anyway, we ordered Tzatziki as our appetizer. Tzatziki is made of yogurt and cucumber with garlic. The taste of garlic is very evident though the tangy taste of yogurt is still there. The pita bread is ordered separately, one order of which is composed of 3 pitas already. We did not appreciate the pita bread at all because it was so hard to eat, probably it wasn’t newly made.

Iced Yoghurt Drink at Greek Taverna
Yogurt Shake @ Php 60 each

We were the only ones in the whole group who ordered Yogurt Shake because this wasn’t included in the menu ( Hmm, i wonder why). Well anyway, the yogurt shake didn’t actually taste like shake at all and had iced cubes in it. But nevertheless, I appreciated it still since I am a yogurt lover.

Moussaka at Greek Taverna
Moussaka @ Php 220

For our main dishes we ordered Moussaka and Grilled Lamb Chops. Moussaka is actualy like lasagna but instead of noodles as layers, eggplant was used. In between the layers there’s the bechamel sauce ( white sauce in lasagna) and potatoes as well. It also tasted good and native ingredients found in Tagaytay were used. Tagaytay is also famous for the vegetable produce and this dish actually utilized their resources there.

Grilled Lamb Chops at Greek Taverna
Grilled Lamb Chops @ Php 450

The Grilled Lamb Chops tastes ok however it was overcooked that’s why it was so hard to cut it with a normal table knife. I really efforted much in slicing this for everyone, thanks to Marc who helped me slice the crap of this lamb 🙂 . The fries also seemed overcooked ( as you can see in the picture).

The place itself is not very formal. You can wear anything you want. Also the place does not have air conditioning at all; it’s fresh Tagaytay air that you will experience there. The owner, Manos, himself cooks and entertains the customers there and that is something that you rarely experience in Manila.

Manos Greek Taverna
owned by Manos Sapountzakis and his Filipino wife, Estrella.

Calamba Road
Brgy. San Jose (Olevares)
Tagaytay City
Tel. No. (mobile) 0916 429 8358
Fax (046) 860 2559

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